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Ration Card Digitization is the process of converting all the paper-based ration cards into electronic data. This is specifically done in order to keep a track of everything such as:

  • Commodities
  • Price
  • Cardholder Information
  • Dealer Information etc

A number of proposals had been made in this digitization, since almost a decade. However, only on 2016, the mandate was passed when the Supreme Court of India insisted on the respective state governments.

ration card digitization

About time people understood the ease of going digital. However, like everything, this has its share of cons as well. The process so far has not been smooth sailing, irrespective of the state government.

How to Digitize your Ration Card

The easiest way to describe the same in a few steps is as follows:

After Effects of Digitization

FCS or Food and Civil Supplies department have digitized the ration card details in many districts across the country.

It is done specifically to control corruption rising up in the PDS or Public Distribution System schemes.

Accusations incorporated that quite a vital amount of food grains were syphoned off by fraudulent methods, especially by a whole bunch of corrupt people. Basically, 95% of them.

Thousands of BPL or Below Poverty Line cards were cancelled because they were issued to bogus people and the government also confirmed the kerosene being rendered to the non-genuine cardholders.

Due to a crazy amount of erudition available on the server, it is possible for the organization to check the authenticity of the cardholders and allocate the schemes as per their choice in an impeccable manner.

In modern times, the government has decided to make available the ration cards in digitized format however the biometric cards could be also issued to curb the corruption in the issue of cards and ensure that the benefits reach the poor.

In the October month of 2017, about 6 million cards have been digitized and there are more in the pipeline to ensure that people benefit from the public distribution schemes in a wonderful manner.

How to Digitize 

The only way out is by being honest and sincere. If citizens are themselves responsible for all the corrupt activities like hoarding and all, the government wouldn’t have demolished such a massive number of Ration Cards.

Digitization keeps tabs on:

  • Number of Cardholders and family members
  • Commodities afforded during that time
  • Expenditure etc

If people think they can fool the system by producing fake details and all, then they are seriously mistaken. They have to make sure that the sanctity is well maintained.

Gone are the pen and paper days when you could bribe or threaten anyone to get your thing done. To get your barrings straight, it’ll take a professional hacker to cheat the server and the website itself, but that’s a different topic for now.

If everyone was just honest enough with themselves, there wouldn’t be a loss of any grain or commodity. Every person with a ration card would be able to get hold of their necessary commodities without struggling much.

Benefits of Ration Card Digitization

The following are the points of the benefits of Ration Card Digitization and these are some of the points from so many of the list. These are exclusive for the citizens who had already Digitized their Ration Cards.

  • The digitization of Ration Card will provide your details online.
  • The digitization of Ration Card is used when purchasing the Food and subsidised products.
  • Applying for Passports, Voter ID cards, Domicile certificate etc will be easy.
  • We can get a Landline connection/Sim card by Ration Card Digitization.
  • Also, we can get an LPG connection by Digitizing Ration Card.
  • You can always get Ration card number if you forget at any time.
  • You can link your Digitized Ration Card to your Bank Accounts.
  • Linking of Aadhaar will be easy for Digitized Ration Card.

These are some of the many benefits occurred by Digitizing the Ration Card.


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If you are in need to Digitize your Ration Card, then all the needed procedures are mentioned above. Just follow all those guidelines carefully and get it done.

Updated: June 4, 2024 — 10:17 pm
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