Gujarat Ration Card – Apply, List 2022, Download & Status

Ration card Gujarat online 2022 and list village wise online has been shared here. We divided the article into different sections as below:

  • Apply
  • Download
  • Status
  • Correction

The citizens are divided into various economic groups, yet broadly classified into two categories namely:

You can check out the list of different types of ration cards here. Also, if you haven’t applied for ration card in Gujarat this article might be helpful to you and also check village wise list 2022.

How to Apply New Ration In Gujarat 2022

The application procedure is very simple. It can be done in two methods.

  • Offline
  • Online

Offline Method:

Here, we will discuss the steps to get your ration card done offline in 2022. Follow the instructions carefully:

  • Approach your nearest Mamlatdar/Talati/Jan Seva Kendra
  • Collect Application Form and tickets
  • Fill up the form and attach the proof documents
  • Check the criteria for Senior Citizen or Caste
  • Also, see the criteria of Javab Panch Namu in the form
  • If no for the first option, issue an affidavit on the same
  • If no for the second option, take a couple of people as witness/proof
  • However, if it’s yes for either of the cases, proceed to submit the papers
  • Collect the approved documents/acknowledgement number

Here is the pictorial representation of the whole process:

Ration card gujarat

If we discuss the above-mentioned in detail, firstly, find the nearest Mamlatdar or Talati or a Jan Seva Kendra to your location. The main office of the Jan Seva Kendra is at various district headquarters such as:

Jan Seva Kendra, Bharuch

District Collector Office
Railway Colony,
Gujarat -392001

Mamlatdars and Talatis are there in their respective offices. You can know about them locally or by visiting the district headquarters of your particular district.

After that, obtain the form for the same and fill it up accordingly. The form looks like this:

Fill it up accordingly and proceed ahead with your process along with your proof documents. The most important proof documents are as follows:

  • Birth certificate if birth is added
  • An affidavit that has not been registered before birth and if age is five years or more
  • Mamlatdar’s Certificate of Declaration of Name in the Card from Pierre, if added due to marriage.
  • An affidavit that a pair of Pierre Party ration cards are not included in the name and if the couple is addicted to the marriage
  • If divorce is added due to divorce, divorce agreement and nomination of Mamlatdarshri

Apart from these, you have your regular proof documents such as:

  • Voter ID
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card etc

The price of the form is as follows for various economic groups:

  • Below Poverty Line: Rs. 5
  • Daydream: Free
  • Above Poverty Line 1: Rs. 10/-
  • Above Poverty Line 2: Rs.20/-

After checking for all of these, go for the two most important things mentioned.

If you are a senior citizen or have to deal with a caste certificate thing, make sure you have the required documents for the same. If you have it, then take it alongside your official set of documents necessary for the application of the ration card in 2022.

If you don’t possess it, you will have to get an affidavit done at the local Mamlatdar office or the district headquarters as a foolproof.

Similarly, in case you possess the Javab Panch Namu, you can proceed ahead with the procedure and submit your documents accordingly.

Online Method:

The only thing you can do online is to download the form and proceed accordingly with the steps as mentioned above. The link for the form is as follows:

Fill the form, collect the necessary proof documents and head over to the nearest office to proceed with your process.

Gujarat Rashan Status

Checking the status of your applied ration card Gujarat is almost redundant and unnecessary. The ration card in Gujarat is said to be dispatched in a day’s time. It will reach your destination, smashing your doors in a week or two.

However, if it doesn’t, then you can rest assured that:

  • Your details are either wrong or the proofs not authenticated
  • The officer isn’t interested in you
  • You fill up the form wrongly
  • Your process was not entertained in the first place

Approach the said offices with your acknowledgment number and question the enquiry about the process. You can get the status of your form and your life there as well.

Download Ration Card

Except for the application form of the Gujarat Ration Card, you can’t download anything. It is not a norm for our governments everywhere to be user-friendly. Instead, you have to struggle all the way to the nearest Mamlatdar or Talati or Jan Seva Kendra Office and get it reproduced – we do still share an article on the complete procedure to download the ration card here.

The procedure might take a week at max, so no need to worry. Just carry your

  • Old Ration Card photocopy(if you have it)
  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Address etc

In this case, if you feel like your ration card has an error or two, there is absolutely no need to worry.

  • Approach the nearest Mamlatdar or Talati or Jan Seva Kendra.
  • Get hold of the correction form and fill it up accordingly.
  • Submit the proof evidence that supports your correction
  • Note down the token number of acknowledgment number for future reference

In case you have a bigger correction to be made, such as deletion of your ration card or family member, then it will be carried out in the same way, however, with a different set of forms accordingly.

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