How To Add New Name In Ration Card – Online

Add new member name in ration card online – The process of adding a new name on ration card is a simple process as the process of Deleting a name from Ration card. All you have to do is submit the application form, nearby any PDS or submit an online application.

Adding a name of Daughter/Son or newly married Wife/Husband on Ration card is necessary in 2022 as the commodities received to the family is based on the strength of the family household included in the Ration Card.

As we all knew that Ration card is legal document provided by the government itself we can also be able to correct the details on the Ration card.

If a newly born baby is not included in the Member details of Ration card then the family won’t receiving food grains, wheat, sugar or kerosene for that new member.

The card won’t be used as Address proof for that new member of the family household.

If a person needs to add a new member to a family in the ration card in 2022, he should visit the local Food and Civil supplies department office in their states or can apply through online by visiting their respective state government websites.

After done with the procedure he/she can be Download the New Ration card. India’s public distribution system provides every service required to an Indian citizen in 2022. All there websites are up to date information.

In general, only two cases are there where one should add a new family member to the Ration card. Those two cases are listed and explained below in this article.

  • When a new baby is born or adopted into the family.
  • When a person is entered to anew household by marrying another person.

In above two cases, the member addition will be done either via Online or can be done through Offline procedures. These procedures or methods are elaborated and explained thoroughly below.

Member Addition In Ration Card – Online

The following steps are needed to be followed by a person to add a new member like son/daughter or wife/husband name details on the ration card through online.

  • Visit the official website of your respective state government’s food supplies department website.
  • In the home page, you will find a column “Ration card Services“.
  • Click on that section and select “Member Addition” from the drop-down list.
  • You will be redirected to an application form which will be asking details of Head of the family etc.

add name in ration card

  • Fill in the required details such as Member name, age, Gender, date of birth and Relation to head of the family etc.
  • The details filled are with genuine information and should match previous details.
  • After that, you have to submit the required documents such as birth certificate (in case of born or adopted member).
  • Name deletion certificate from the existing ration card should be submitted as a proof document in case of member entered through marriage.
  • The name deletion certificate is also issued by the government itself.
  • Documents should be uploaded to the website in possible formats such as document or PDF or JPG file.

List of Documents

After filling in all the details and information, click “Submit” to upload all the documents while submitting the application form.

  • The validation process will take place near your resident address to validate all the submitted documents.
  • If all the documents submitted are proved to be genuine and real.

If any false practice takes place during the submission, the application will get rejected as a result. After all this procedure, a new and modified ration card will be dispatched or delivered to your address which is mentioned in the ration card.

It can also be collected in the nearest ration card dealer shop by producing the existing ration card. The old ration card should be returned to the dealer in the shop.

Offline Method To Add Name In Ration Card

The offline procedure of Member addition in any of the defined cases is similar to the online procedure of Member addition which is explained above.

The difference is that in this offline method you have to fill the application form with a pen unlike on the computer with internet facility. You can also Download your Ration card with the online facility.

The following steps will show you how to apply for member addition offline.

  • Visit the nearest Food and Civil supplies department or any ration card office.
  • Ask staff for the Member Addition form.
  • Fill in the details with appropriate information as mistakes in the application results in rejecting the application.
  • Attach a proper photograph to the application form.
  • Fill out the new member details such as Gender, Date of birth, Relation to the head of the family etc.
  • Attach a Birth certificate(in case of born or adopted baby) or Name deletion certificate(in case of member entered through marriage).
  • It should be a scanned or xerox copy of the original certificate issued and authorized by the Government.
  • Attach the application form with proof documents and submit it to the same office.

After 15-20 working days, the modified ration card can be collected at the nearest ration dealer shop or at the Mee-Seva office in the local area. Although the way of applying is different, the procedure is same for both methods.

This is the basic procedure for the addition of family member in every state when the applied either through online or offline for the addition of family members like son/daughter or wife/husband etc.

The same procedure will be applied even to the smart cards which are issued in nowadays in some states. Addition of member can be an added advantage to the household as they can receive more amount of food products from the ration shops in 2022.


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