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BPL List statewide final list (SECC list 2011) and complete information about the BPL holder total numbers as per the official statewide socio-economic caste census 2018.

The total number of households which are categorized under the Below Poverty Line (BPL) in India Stands at about 300 Million i.e., 3 Crores of Families. This was stated as per the records of 2017-18 SECC list official data.

People belonging to BPL list households are concerned about their inclusion as a beneficiary under these schemes.

However, this can be verified by checking their name in the BPL list from SECC-2011 data. The complete state wise list of BPL list families can be viewed on the official websites.

BPL List 2018 Download From SECC

There are two methods that one can check 2018 (Socio-Economic Caste Census) SECC 2011 Final List of BPL. They can be able to check if their name was included in this list or not. Those two methods are mentioned below.

a) Using Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria in NREGA Scheme

Only BPL Households are included in this scheme, hence the BPL List can also be checked by looking at the list of NREGA beneficiaries in its official website. Follow the below procedure to check out the BPL List 2018 through the NREGA Scheme.

  • Go to the official website of NREGA Scheme.
  • Click on the “SECC List 2018” on the website.
  • You will be redirected to a page where you have to fill the required details.

BPL 2018 SECC List

Details such as Applicant’s State, District, Tehsil/Taluk, and Grama Panchayat.

After selecting all the details from their respective drop-down lists you have to click on the “Submit” button. Then the list of the BPL Families under the NREGA Scheme will be displayed below.

Afterward, the complete BPL List with name, gender, age, category, father’s name, total members, deprivation code and the count will appear.

  • Candidates can search for their details in the SECC list very easily from there.
  • You can also download and can take a printout of the list.

In case any person belonging to BPL category and is able to locate his name in the downloaded in the SECC 2018 data list, the person is eligible to avail benefits of various schemes provided by the Government. Another procedure to check out the list is explained below.

Just download the relevant State’s SECC List or BPL List of 2018, and extract the files in it. All you have to do is that you have to search for your name in the list by pressing “Ctrl + F” in the Reader.

You can search the BPL list by the name you have registered as in the BPL Ration cards.

Search State Wise BPL SECC List 2011

State wise (Socio-Economic Caste Census) SECC List of 2018 is available for all the 36 States/UTs. All the candidates can find their name in the Gram Panchayat Wise list which will find by following the below steps.

Note: As Telangana got Seperated from Andhra Pradesh, so if people of Telangana State can’t find their State in the list they can check the list by selecting the Andhra Pradesh State.

On the page, you have to select the details your District, Local Body, Grampanchayat/Zone etc. Make sure you have selected the correct details and Click on the “Go” below.

Also, enter the Captcha before clicking on “GO” button.

State-wise BPL LIst 2018

Every Citizen in India can check their Name by Selecting their District in their Respective list. All the details of the BPL List will be displayed on the same screen itself in the form of a table with all the necessary details.

You can also get to know the BPL 2018 or SECC 2011 Final List by logging in to the portal if you already have an account.

Or also you can register for it which will take just a few minutes. Every State has their respective websites regarding this BPL lists.

Name of the State Total BPL Households Links
Andhra Pradesh 1,22,68,162 Complete List
Arunachal Pradesh 2,61,245 Complete List
Assam 64,25,210 Complete list
Bihar 2,00,72,216 Complete list
Chattisgarh 57,12,791 Complete list
Goa 3,04,456 Complete list
Gujarat 1,16,56,249 Complete list
Haryana 46,31,565 Complete list
Himachal Pradesh 14,26,645 Complete list
Jammu & Kashmir 20,94,451 Complete list
jharkhand 60,42,394 Complete list
Karnataka 1,31,36,651 Complete list
Kerala 76,99,554 Complete list
Madhya Pradesh 1,47,23,865 Complete list
Maharashtra 2,29,62,625 Complete list
Manipur 5,78,969 Complete list
Meghalaya 5,54,232 Complete list
Mizoram 2,25,897 Complete list
Nagaland 3,78,165 Complete list
Orissa 99,42,909 Complete list
Punjab 50,32,459 Complete list
Rajasthan 1,31,35,396 Complete list
Sikkim 1,20,004 Complete list
Tamil Nadu 1,75,21,621 Complete list
Telangana 1,04,052,213 Complete list
Tripura 8,75,621 Complete list
Uttarakhand 19,68,773 Complete list
Uttar Pradesh 3,25,74,458 Complete list
West Bengal 2,03,67,144 Complete list
Andaman & Nicobar 92,757 Complete list
Chandigarh 2,14,223 Complete list
NCT Delhi 33,91,213 Complete list
Dadra & Nagar Haveli 67,541 Complete list
Daman & Diu 44,897 Complete list
Lakshadweep 10,959 Complete list

The above table is the 2018 (Socio Economic Caste Cencus) SECC 2011 to 2018 Updated SECC List of all the States in India.

Every state is providing their 2018 BPL Lists in their official Food and Civil Supplies Portals. All these SECC Lists are updated once in a while to provide the BPL Ration cards to many people as possible.

We provide you with all the official links for the websites to all the respective states. You just have to click on the “Complete List” of your relevant state. Then you will be redirected to a page with the 2018 SECC of that state.

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