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This Dharani Telangana Online portal consists of the Land records which are digitized and uploaded into the website.

The Internet has become more preferable these days than going through any offline procedures. So the Telangana State Government has decided to provide the people Dharani Website.

With this Dharani Telangana Portal, people can get their Land record details easily. Also, they can be able to download those Land records which are completely digitised in the form of PDFs. Under this portal, Government offers new pattadar passbooks for all the farmers with the land details.

Dharani Telangana

Any mistakes and modifications in the Land documents can be corrected if the person directly visits the MRO or Mandal Revenue Officer nearby. Or it can also be corrected in the nearest MeeSeva centers as well. You can Download Pahani through this official website or you can even check the Village Pahani.

Download your Pahani through Dharani Webiste

Through this portal, people or Landowner can Download their Pahanis. Also, the people are provided with new Passbooks. Initially, the land records in Urban areas which will be continuously rectified and updated.

  • Visit the official Dharani Telangana State site.
  • https://www.telangana.gov.in/ this link here will help you out.
  • And then click on the “Pahani/Adangal” button on the homepage.
  • Now the candidate has to select his District, Zone, VIllage names to workout.

Also, you have to enter the land survey number or Account number or Aadhar number or name of graduator detail. After completion of filling in details click on the “Click” button at the below. All your details are verified and then a pop-up will appear with all your Pahani/Adangal Details.

The following are the steps to check the Pahani Through the website. Follow these points carefully.

  • Go to the Dharani website official portal with the above-mentioned link.
  • Then click on the “Pahani/Adangal” option and select “Village Pahani”.
  • After, choose your District name, Zone name and Village name from the drop-down lists.
  • At last, click on “Click” button.

A popup will appear along with your entered details related village Pahani/ Adangal land record details.

Apart from all of this, Telangana State Government has also taken initiatives towards digitalisation of all the Land records of the state and also revenue transactions.

The Government has already started issuing the new Pattadar Passbooks to all the farmers across the state. This issuing has started from the March of 2018 itself. This website was uploaded with all the updated information of Land records after the purification of records and re-survey of the lands.

Features of Dharani Portal

Through Dharani website, the Telangana State government provides the land details with more security. So that no one can misuse the land information. This data will also use to implement the Rs 4000 input subsidy scheme for farmers.

dharani website

Dharani website provides the below-mentioned features like

  • Get your Telangana Pahani/Adangal details.
  • Download ROR 1B Pahani.
  • You can also register the complaints (in case you can face any problems).
  • Check whether your Aadhar number is linked to your Katha number.

The records in this will get updated on the daily basis. The database is easily available, every user will have a clear idea about the land ownership.

And all these Land records are highly clear and transparent to everyone who visits the Dharani Portal.

The easier access to anyone and processes became much simpler with this Dharani website which can be said one of the major advantages of the portal.

Details are also immediately updated at the moment. Once you modify or update your files you can be able to see them online.

How to use the Dharani website?

For those, who don’t know how to use the Dharani Website Telangana Online portal, can know the basic things about accessing the website for any e-Governance services online. Follow the below steps carefully to use the Dharani Telangana Website.

  • Firstly, you need to book a slot with Sub-registrar or MRO.
  • Once, a meeting is set up, then your Purchase and sale details are recorded in passbook.
  • The details will be uploaded or updated to the website easily for any access.
  • The local tehsildar will pass the details to the IT wing in the office.
  • Soon the documents and pattadar passbooks

Once the documents are verified by the Officials then the registration documents and pattadar passbooks will be delivered to your address through the Courier.

Updated: June 3, 2024 — 6:02 am
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