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NPHH Ration Card – The full form of NPHH Ration card is “Non-Priority House Hold”. Here we cover the details about the NPHH Benefits & Online Apply.

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But these are re-classified into two as Priority and Non – Priority according to the NFSA 2013 act. The classification is done based on the Social and Economic Status of the Household along with their Income in the society.

  • The household which fulfills the eligibility criteria under the Inclusion guidelines will get PHH.
  • The household which is ineligible for PHH will be considered as NPHH or Non – Priority.
  • Every New applicant should have to know the NFSA Selection Criteria works.
  • In that way, you will get a clear idea about the Ration card you are provided.

Not only new applicants but also existing Ration Cardholders should get to know about the Ration Card types and the benefits and services they avail. So that they can get all of their facilities to form the Ration Shops perfectly.

How to Apply for NPHH Ration Card

Here is the complete step by step process to apply for NPHH and the benefits of NPHH.

According to the NFSA, the Eldest female in the Family Household will be considered as the Head of the Household. If any household doesn’t have a Female of age eighteen years or above, then the eldest Male will be taken as the Head of the Household.

After the female member of the family gets to the age of Eighteen or above, then she will become the head of the household.

Note: The Head of Household is important as the Ration Cards are issued on their name and the benefits are also offered according to the Head.

  • Visit the nearest PDS Office.
  • Fill in the Application of the New NPHH Ration card with all the details.
  • Attach the Aadhaar Card copies of all Family Members.
  • Residence proof of Applicant if her address is not the same as mentioned in Aadhaar.
  • In case of any Shelter-less household, no Address proofs needed.
  • Income Tax Certificate from the Revenue Department.
  • Attach Existing Card if any.

An undertaking in the prescribed format that the applicant should not fall under any of the mentioned Exclusion categories. The application form should be submitted to the officials in this prescribed format.

The whole procedure should be done by the Head of the Household by enclosing with the required documents. If you want to go through the online procedure than go to the official website and perform the same procedure again. Click here –

Below we cover the list of NPHH ration card benefits.

Types of NPHH Ration Cards

Actually the categories APL and BPL are the ones that are re-classified into the two categories like Priority and Non-Priority Ration cards.

The classification is done based on the fact that the Ration cardholders would be living in Bungalows, owned cars, had two gas cylinders, etc.

NPHH Ration Card

As we discussed above, the Non – Priority Ration Cards or NPHH Ratio Cards are also further divided into three types which are listed and explained below. Also, the benefits provided through those ration cards are also shared.

  • NPHH or NPHHL: People of Tamil Nadu having these NPHH Ration cards can get all the essential commodities like Rice and also some other like Sugar, Kerosene, Wheat, Oil, Toor Dhall, etc.
  • NPHHS: These NPHHS cards are referred to as Non – Priority Household Sugar Ration card. This will be able to avail the benefits of having only Sugar as the Commodity for those who are having this type of Ration Card, Unlike all other NPHH Ration cards.
  • NPHHNC: These NPHHNC cards referred to as Non – Priority Household No Commodities. The name itself reveals that the benefits that are availed by this card are of none.
  • Also, No Commodities are given to the People who are holding these NPHHNC cards.

These Cards are issued by the Targeted Public Distribution System of their respective State Government.


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Every service regarding the Ration cards is also introduced by the PDS itself. Knowing about this NFSA Selection criteria will really help the new applicant of the Ration Card.

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