Ration Card Correction – Name, Address, DOB

Ration card correction – Here we cover step by step process on how to make necessary Ration card correction via online.

The process is quite simple however it’s mandatory to visit the statewide ration card websites to make updates via online.

The Ration card is also used as a Proof document which can be added an identity proof for several purposes.

The benefits are issued more to the economically backward residents of the state. It is defined as one of the legal document provided to the people by the government.


Correction In Ration Card


The details need to be corrected if the Ration cardholder finds any mistake in the details in the Ration card. The following are the reasons during which people need to correct or modify their existing Ration cards.

  • When the Name of a member is printed wrong in the details of Ration card.
  • When the Name of a member is changed in recent due to some reasons.
  • When the Address in entered wrong into the Ration card data.
  • When the permanent address is changed from one place to another.
  • When the details like Date of Birth of a member is changed or printed wrong in the Ration card.

In any of the cases discussed above, the Ration card is needed to be changed or to be modified for the sake of the candidate’s benefit.

To receive all the exclusive benefits and services from the government they should be no details which are entered incorrectly into the Ration cards’ database.

To change or Add the Member’s name, Member’s Address or even member’s Date of Birth (DOB) in the Ration card then the candidate needs to follow the procedures which are explained clearly and separately by elaborating the whole process.

Name Changes In Ration Card

If the candidate needs to correct the Name details of any member of the household then he/she must follow the steps which are explained below.

The correction of any details in the Ration card can be done by Online or Offline processes.

The difference in the procedure is that in an Online method the Corrections form is filled and submitted online while in the offline procedure the Corrections form needs to be filled and submitted directly to the Ration card office.

The same difference is applicable to all the correction procedures involved in modifying Name, Address or DOB of any member.

The below steps explains How the Name is to be corrected in the Ration card either by offline or online.


  • Visit the Ration card or Mee Seva office in their respective states.
  • Then collect the Correction or MOdifications form from the office.
  • Fill in the form with correct details to avoid further modifications in the Ration card details.
  • Then attach the supporting or proof documents along with the form for verification purposes.
  • Submit it to the authorities in the office itself.

In both procedures, after verifying all the information submitted in the corrections form are checked and then the details of the Ration cardholder are modified as mentioned in the corrections or modifications such as Add the Name in Ration card or Detele a name in the Ration card.

Address Changes

Is the candidate needs to correct the details of his/her resident Address in the Ration card, then the candidate has to go through all the steps listed below very carefully so that to avoid further modification process.

The method also involves both offline and online procedures as explained above.


  • The candidate has to fill in the Changed address details in the above-mentioned corrections form.
  • The address details filled are to be supported by providing the proof documents along with the corrections form.
  • The candidate has to submit the scanned copy of the original resident proof documents with the form.


  • In the corrections form issued from the online portal has to be filled with appropriate details.
  • As the changes are needed in the ration card Address an address proof documents to be attached to the form while submitting the application form.
  • Attach the documents to the online corrections form for further validation by the authorities.
  • Then submit the form to the website.

The details, other than the address details are meant to be matched with the former details mentioned in the Raion card. If the details are not matched then there is a chance of the application getting rejected.

Date of Birth(DOB)

The procedure of modifying the details of the member’s date of birth in the Ration card is very similar to the above mentioned two procedures as the only slight difference is that the details filling in each application if different than other.


  • Visit the MeeSeva office and collect the Data corrections form from the officials.
  • Fill in all the details in the application form according to the modification of Date of Birth.
  • The details filled in the date of a birth section of the member needs to be supported.
  • Government-issued proof documents are to be attached along with the corrections form.
  • Then the corrections form is submitted to the official in the office itself.


  • Fill in all the correct and modified details in the online corrections form.
  • Submit some of the proof documents for the verification purposes by uploading them to the website.
  • Then submit the form to the online portal of Mee Seva office.

Any one document from the below listed can be used as the Proof document which will be submitted to the verification of the details along with the Corrections form.

While filling the application the candidate required to check which application he/she are going to attach to the Data corrections form.

In all the data corrections the applications are either filled offline or online later submitted to the MeeSeva office or websites in which the new and updated Ration card is delivered to the applicant when the form goes through all the verification process involved in the procedure.


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