How To Book Tatkal Ticket Fast Using Autofill

Indian Railways has always been the better way for the public transport due to so many factors considered. IRCTC or the Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation has been the online portal to all the passengers to book their train tickets online.

Booking Train tickets online have made easier with the IRCTC. Recently, it has provided “Book you meal” for the passengers through which passengers can book a meal of their interest to get delivered to them on the train itself.

Book a Tatkal Ticket

Tatkal Ticket can be booked in four different ways which are mentioned below in a list.

  • Through IRCTC – From Official Website
  • IRCTC Magic Autofill
  • Paytm Tatkal Ticket Booking
  • Through an IRCTC App or IRCTC Agent
  • Chrome Extension – We suggest not use any chrome extensions.

All these four ways to book a tatkal ticket are discussed and explained below in a very elaborate manner.

a) Through IRCTC Website:

Booking a Tatkal ticket through the official IRCTC website is an easy procedure which is shown and discussed below.

  • Visit the official IRCTC Website –
  • Register as an Individual user with all your details.
  • Login to your IRCTC Account by using your Login details.
  • Search for the trains by selecting your Boarding and Destination Cities.
  • Also, select the ticket as “e-ticket” and then click on the “Submit” button.

You will be redirected to a page with the list of all the trains available. Select Quota as “Tatkal” by clicking on the respective Radio button. Find the Train and Click on your prefered class in the list as it shows all the details with also the availability.

If there are seats on the selected train then click on the “Book Now” which will redirect to a page where you have to fill all the details of the Passenger(s).

But as per rules under the booking of tatkal tickets, only 4 passengers can be booked at once for a single journey.

Fill up all the details asked and required, then click on the “Submit” where you will be shown the preview of your journey details and can be proceeded to the Payment portal there itself.

Do the online payment as per your comfort and once you have done your payment your Ticket will be shown in the ERS Format. You can even download your train ticket by clicking on the “Print ERS” button at the bottom.

IRCTC Magic AutoFill

As the individual should be fast enough to fill all the required details during the tatkal ticket booking he/she can use the IRCTC Magic Autofill software or browser extension to do all that work for them. It is that one can easily use this Magic Autofill software to fill in all the details in the columns with just one click.

During the booking of a tatkal ticket, user has to use this Magic Autofill software which will fill in all the required details within a second which can speed up the Booking procedure so that the user will have more chance of getting the ticket as the tatkal tickets will be completed within a few minutes of the booking hours.

c) Paytm Tatkal Ticket Booking:

Booking a Ticket in Tatkal Quota using a Paytm official website or the Mobile Application is quite easy and similar to the normal IRCTC Tatkal ticketing procedure. The procedure will be as follows.

  • Open the Paytm Website or the Mobile Application – Here is the paytm App Link
  • Click on the “Train Tickets” option on the homepage.
  • Select the From/To fields and click on the “Show Trains”.
  • You will get the list of the trains and click on the train you prefer and click on “Book Now”.

After that select the Tatkal Quota option and fill up all the required details and click on the “make Payment” option. You will be redirected to the payment page. Do the Online payment through the Internet Banking/Credit or Debit Card/Paytm wallet etc.

d) Through an IRCTC App or IRCTC Agent:

Booking a tatkal ticket through the IRCTC Mobile Application will be the same as every procedure which is shown and explained in so many ways possible. But contacting an IRCTC Agent is very much easy procedure as the IRCTC Agent will be doing all the work you need to do before booking a ticket.

  • Visit an IRCTC Authorised Agent.
  • Give the agent all the required to book a ticket.
  • During the Tatkal Booking hours, the agent will book the ticket for you.

The Agent also uses IRCTC Magic Autofill sometimes while booking the tickets as the agent will have so many tickets to book. Click here to download the official IRCTC Mobile Application –

Updated: June 25, 2024 — 8:44 pm
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