Domicile Certificate In Gujarat & Required Documents

Domicile certificate gujarat and required documents for domicile certificate in gujarat online here. The procedure to apply for domicile certificate and download online.

In these recent days, the Residence Proof can become a necessary proof Document while procuring any Documents from the Government. For Residence Proof one can apply for a Domicile Certificate.

Having Domicile certificate can help you while applying for jobs and in Educational Institutions.

This Domicile Certificate is one of the Legal proof Document which is provided by the Government itself.

But it is issued to the applicants by their concerned Government. And Citizen also should apply for the Domicile Certificate in his/her home State.

The Government of Gujarat allows its citizens to apply for the Domicile Certificate. In Earlier days, these certificates are applied and issued through offline. But in recent, Gujarat has started online Digital Portal, through which the applicant can avail any type of Certificates.

How to Apply for Domicile Certificate In Gujarat

Any Citizen who is born in Gujarat State or who is a resident of Gujarat State for 15 years can be able to apply for the Domicile Certificate.

The Application Procedure is not clumsy enough to get confused. But applicants should be careful enough while applying for the Certificate.

  • Go to the official website of the Gujarat Government.
  • Click here to visit the page directly.
  • Go to the “Services” option on the top of the Menubar on the Homepage itself.
  • Click on the “Citizen Services” in the drop-down list.

Domicile Certificate Gujarat

You will be redirected to a Citizen Services page where all the service provided by the Gujarat Government are listed one after another.

Just move down the page where you can find “Domicile Certificate Gujarat” from the list.

Note: As per the language selection English or Gujarati respective language keyboard should be used for filling an application form.

On clicking that, you will be directed to a page where all the instructions to application procedure are mentioned.

  • Also, you can either Download a form and apply it offline or you can apply it online.

if you want to proceed with Offline procedure click on the “Download Form” option in below. Otherwise, you can click on the “Apply Online” option if you want to apply online. Once you get the hold of Application follow the steps below through offline procedure in Gujarat.

  • Fill up the application form with all the necessary details.
  •  The Details are to be right and should be registered in any proof Documents.
  • Attach or upload the Documents to the application form.

Domicile Certificate Gujarat Form

Note: All the fields marked with *(Star) mark are mandatory Fields in application either online or offline. The Applicant has to fill those applicants without fail.

If you applying online then you have to upload the Documents and then have to submit the application form.

If you are applying offline then you should have to submit the application form to the concerned authorities.

Required Documents for applying Domicile Certificate Gujarat

The required Documents which are required while applying for a Domicile Certificate in Gujarat are listed in below

In case of any wrong o fake document provided with the application shall lead to the rejection of the application.

a) Residence Proof Documents:

  • Ration Card
  • True Copy of Passport
  • True Copy of Electricity bill
  • True Copy of Telephone Bill
  • True Copy of Election Card or Voter ID
  • Driving License

b) Identity proof Documents:

  • True Copy of PAN Card
  • Government Photo cards/any card issued by PSU
  • Any GOvernment issued Document having a Photo
  • Photo ID Issued by Recognised Educational Institution.

c) Proof Needed in Service:

  • Proof of Parent’s JOb/Business
  • Domicile by birth i.e., Birth Certificate
  • Affidavit from Tehsildar
  • Application Form
  • Character Certificate
  • No Objection Certificate of Police Station

These are the Documents needed to apply for a Domicile Certificate. But you only have to submit any of the Documents from each section. And make sure that you are submitting true copies of the Documents otherwise your Application may get rejected.

Note: Along with these Documents you have to attach the two passport sized photographs in the application form. The photographs should be a recent one.

And also keep in mind that the Electricity Bills and telephone Bills should not be older than 3-6 months as they won’t be considered as the Residence Proof Document. After everything is done you have to pay application and Service Charge Fee of Rs. 50/- If you are applying online you can do the payment online itself.

Updated: April 5, 2024 — 5:40 pm
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