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Change your NPHH Ration card to the PHH ration card, you should have an overview of the two categories before you start the account transfer procedure. There are some guidelines that are to be accepted by your Financial and Social status in society.

According to the National Food Security Act (NFSA), there are three types of Ration cards in every state. There are APL, BPL and AAY categories at the initial stages. These cards are distinguished by the Colours of the cards and benefits.

  • The households fulfilling the eligibility criteria will be the Priority Category.
  • Similarly, those who are ineligible will be listed in the Non-Priority category.
  • Ration cards issued to Priority Category households are known as Priority cards.
  • And Cards issued to Non-Priority Category are known as Non-Priority cards.

And there are so many sub-categories involved in both of those categories. Such as PHHA and PHH RICE and similarly NPHH, NPHHL, NPHHRICE comes under the Non-Priority category. Know all the Eligibility criteria points in both the categories.

To change your NPHH to PHH ration card first you need the respective household needs to apply for all the above Eligibility list.

Eligibility List for Priority Ration Card

The following is the list of Points of the Eligibility Criteria for the Household who want to change their NPHH to PHH Ration cards.

  • The household without shelter.
  • The Household with destitute living on Alms.
  • All Households who are under the Primitive Tribal Groups.
  • Any Household having a widow pension holder.
  • A Person with 40% disabilities and more.
  • Any Transgender person in the Household.

These points are also considered as the Inclusion Criteria which are to be passed for the Household to get a Priority Ration card. If any of these are not applicable to the Household then they are provided with the Non-Priority Ration Card.

Eligibility List of Non-Priority  Card

Even though a household who is passed all those Priority Category’s guidelines may not be able to change their NPHH to PHH Ration card if they are applicable for any of the Guidelines which are mentioned below.

Eligibility list of NPHH

That means, to get Priority Ration card the household should not be applicable to any of the following points.

  • Household owning any Motorised four-wheeler/any Heavy vehicle etc.
  • Any Household owning agricultural equipment like Tractors and Harvesters.
  • A household with Enterprises registered with Government for Services.
  • The Household with three or more rooms with pucca walls and pucca roof.

Any household with any member earning an income of more than Rs. 10000/- per month in rural areas. Any Household with the domestic electric connection with 2 KW load. Any Household consuming an average of 300 units of energy per month. Similarly, any household with any member having income Rs.15000/- per month in Urban areas.

  • A Household paying Professional tax or Income Tax.
  • Pensioners with income more than Rs.15000/- per month in Urban areas.
  • Pensioners with a monthly income of more than Rs. Rs.10000/- in Rural areas.

Any family or household covered under any of the nine exclusion guidelines mentioned above are not eligible for being a beneficiary under the NFSA 2013 i.e, they cannot be listed under the Priority Ration card category. Instead, they are provided with a Non-Priority Ration card.

Change NPHH to PHH Ration Card

If you are provided with NPHH by the PDS at first, then you should have to follow the below procedure to change your from NPHH to PHH.

  • As a first point, you should have to cancel your NPHH as there is no such thing as changing your NPHH to PHH.
  • Visit the nearest Ration office or PDS office and ask for the cancellation of your Existing.
  • Fill the form with all your Ration card details and submit it to the officials.
  • You have to attach the proof of the Ration card in the form of a Xerox copy with the form.
  • Then provide the details of your Economic status and Social status to the officials.
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You have to prove yourself that your household is eligible for the inclusion guidelines listed under the Priority Category. Otherwise, you cant change your Ration card and will be again provided with the NPHH Ration card.

Updated: June 3, 2024 — 9:33 am
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