IOSMS v2 – Primary Pay Slip Download 2020 & Latest News

IOSMS 2019 or Integrated Online Salary Management System is an initiative that was taken up by the state government of West Bengal in the recent past. It was a joint effort by the School Education Department of the state of West Bengal.

Here we cover the complete information about the IOSMS primary, IOSMS Pay slip and latest news.

Along with the department, the National Informatics Centre of West Bengal collaborated for this specific type of initiative. This is extremely beneficiary for the teachers and people in general, who work in government schools and institutions in West Bengal.

With the materialization of this initiative, disbursement of salaries has become a relatively easier task. The earlier process was ridiculously strenuous and time-consuming. With the onset of this process, it has no middle grounds involved in IOSMS v2.

IOSMS Pay slip

In this article, we will learn more about the Integrated Online Salary Management System(IOSMS V2) in general and other relevant information about it like payslip, primary, latest news.

IOSMS Registration Online 2019

Integrated Salary Management System ( iOSMS v2 ) is a productive action of The School Education Department of Govt. of West Bengal to concoct employee associated HR exercises for both Secondary & Primary under single pragmatic architecture composed & detailed by National Informatics Centre, West Bengal.

In order to ease out the process of salary disbursement, the state government has come up with this initiative. IOSMS Primary teachers have been the most benefited ones in the scheme of things, apparently.

Let us see what all do you need to do in order to enable yourself for the IOSMS Pay Slip generation. The steps are as follows:

  • Approach your district headquarters or the nearest School Education Department Office
  • Register yourself with effective supporting documents
  • Note down your Username and Password

Expanding on the points mentioned above for IOSMS v2, firstly, you need to approach the nearest School Education Department Office or the District Headquarters. Basically, you need to visit the nearest office that specifically deals with the iosms v2 registration process.

Once you visit the same, you need to register yourself with basic details such as:

Personal details
School details
Mobile Number
Email ID etc.

In the school details, you need to mention important information such as the name of the school, the type of the school based on demographics, aid or the level of education etc. Selecting these correctly is very important since, with one mistake, you’ll have to basically retract all the way to the beginning.

After the school’s details, you need to mention your personal details. Those details are as follows:

  • Full Name
  • Designation
  • Pay slip in general
  • Other relevant employee information etc

Register yourself at the IOSMS latest news web portal, with these particular details. Make sure you note down your Username and Password for the website for future use. This will be extremely helpful in generating the employee pay slips and login features.


Before proceeding ahead with the payslip generation, you need to first login with the iosms latest news server. Since the whole web portal is completely secured under V2 Guidelines, you need to log in to the website.

Delicate details like employee ids and personal details are the reasons why the website is encrypted.

There are very few steps that you need to follow in order to go ahead with the login process to check the pay slip. The steps are as follows:

As mentioned above in the points, firstly, you need to visit the official website to login. You will be given a few options in order to log in to iosms pay slip server. The iosms primary website would look like this:


As you can see, you need to fill out these details in the empty spaces:

User Type

Everything else can be easily filled out, apart from the type of User that you are, before registering yourself. The user details options look like this:

iosms LOGIN user selection

As you can see, there are 6 types of Users that can log in. Pick your type accordingly. The complete list, as given in the photo uploaded, is as follows:

  • State Level User
  • District Level User
  • Subdivision Level  User
  • Circle Level User
  • School Level User
  • Webmaster

Pick it and go ahead with the login section.

IOSMS Pay slip Generation

Coming to the most important feature of the website – Pay Slip Generate, you need to follow these steps in order to go with the payslip generation process. The steps are as follows:

Detailing the points mentioned above, firstly, you need to go to the official website specified. The website for payslip generation section looks like this:

IOSMS Payslip Generation

As you can see, you need to fill out these 4 details:

Date of Birth
Mobile Number
Select Year
Select Month

Click on Submit and you will be redirected to a webpage with your payslip generated. Press Ctrl + P or print the page for future reference.

If you have any doubts related to IOSMS V2 Primary pay slip details, latest news, leave a comment here.

Updated: April 3, 2024 — 8:44 pm
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