BPL Ration Card Eligibility & Income Limit Details

BPL Ration card Income eligibility & income limit details. Here we cover the complete information and details about Below poverty line.

Not just food grains but a few more commodities as well, at extremely subsidized prices from designated Fair Price Shops or Ration Shops. The concerned state governments provide these amenities by bearing the rest of the cost.

The Food and Civil Supplies Departments of the states take care of all of the handling and processing of the commodities, accounts and data. In this article, we will learn more about what BPL Cards are and what are the eligibility criteria in order to acquire one.


Income Limit for BPL Card


BPL Card or Below Poverty Line Card is a type of a ration card which is allocated to people whose overall income falls under the Below Poverty Line category, as per the Indian government regulations.

This card is a very popular one, so to speak where there are a large number of people who apply for the same. The subsidies for this particular group is fixed by the state government which is generally much lower than the normal market rate.

There are three types of ration cards in general such as:

The main criteria for availing a BPL Card is if the person earns less than Rs.6,400/- in rural areas and less than Rs.11,850/- in urban areas per month.

Anything exceeding this income limit and then that person is not eligible to own a BPL Card.

People are nowadays getting their salaries in their bank accounts, except for the daily wage type workers.

The governments are also encouraging the employers of these people to pay them online instead of handing over cash, like before.

This has a few benefits such as:

  • There is a very less chance of mishandling of money
  • The authentication of an employee is guaranteed beforehand
  • The bank statements can be used as salary proofs 

With these things in hand, it’s much more convenient and easier to handle the salaries online, thereby enabling the BPL population to use it as a proof source and collect their BPL Card effectively.

The overtime money added to the salary doesn’t affect the end figure so anyone who earned more than the cap just by overtime need not worry.

A BPL Card is accessible to only that particular family which has no members having socially secure jobs. There are a few criteria that one needs to follow before applying for or possessing a BPL Card.


BPL Card Eligibility


There are a few eligibility criteria that one needs to comply with before owning a BPL Card. In case people do that irrespective of the rules, they will be heavily punished by the authorities if they are caught.

Here is the list of the BPL Card Non-Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidate shouldn’t be an Income Tax Payer
  • Any sort of a government employee is not allowed
  • Employees with Public Sector Undertakings / Boards / Corporations
  • Employees of Autonomous Boards / Bodies

There are one of the most important criteria that one needs to cross check. If any candidate falls in either of these three, it is certainly sure that they are not at all likely to grab a BPL Card ever in their entire lifetime.

  • Permanent Employees of Cooperative Organisations
  • Doctors and Employees in Hospitals
  • Advocates and Accountants
  • Merchants or Businessmen except for small shops, cycles or pushcart led ones

Talking of certain employments, these are a few that can not avail a BPL Ration Card. If in case they do avail one, then they might come under some serious trouble. The last option, however, is a bit sketchy since there’s no set rule as per any shop.

  • Possess three hectares (7.5 acres) of land
  • Those who possess any vehicle above 100 cc engine
  • Employees of aided and unaided schools

As far as the vehicles are concerned, only personal vehicles are going to be considered. Autorickshaws are not going to be considered in the list for non-eligibility of a Below Poverty Line Ration Card. They are completely exempted, only if they own one auto.

  • Notified Contractors, APMC Traders or Commission Agents
  • People earning from rented houses or buildings
  • Paying electricity bill of Rs 450 or more per month
  • Employees of multi-national companies or industries

Apart from the respective employment perspectives, these are a few more ones which might not allow you to possess a Below Poverty Line BPL card. Make sure you cross check each and every non-eligibility criterion before applying for a BPL Card.

Fraudulent BPL Cards

All BPL Card holders are certainly not the most saintly ones. There are still quite a few people who own BPL cards illegitimately. They showcase wrong proofs and other documents so that they can usurp the subsidized commodities with ease.

The Government has been working on this aspect by conducting certain drives such as

  • A Door to Door Inspection
  • Aadhaar seeding
  • PAN Card details etc


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Hopefully, more authentication measures will be put into the scheme of things by the government, sooner than later. It will definitely reduce, if not eradicate, this whole issue of forgery and fraudulent grabbing of food grains and other commodities.

Updated: February 20, 2024 — 1:21 am
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