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APOBMMS or Andhra Pradesh Online Beneficiary Management and Monitoring System is a web portal that is handled by the state government of Andhra Pradesh. Along with the state government, the National Informatics Centre handles the portal.

The main objective of this web portal OBMMS is to take care of the statistics and benefits of the beneficiaries of the various schemes and initiatives that have been launched mostly for the betterment for the backward classes in the state of Andhra Pradesh under APOBMMS Scheme for ST, SC, BC.


In this article, we will discuss more on the various statistics as far as the Andhra Pradesh Online Beneficiary Management & Monitoring System.

There is some other relevant information related to the web portal which will be explained in detail.


APOBMMS Registration Application Procedure


The Andhra Pradesh Online Beneficiary Management & Monitoring System – APOBMMS has a registration portal open. As of now, only the ST Corporation loans section is open. For availing a loan for your thing, you can get it done easily.

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Registering for the ST Corporations is fairly an easy task. You need to follow a few steps in order to register yourself with the web portal. The steps are as follows:

As given in the first point itself, you have the website URL of APOBMMS specific for the registration for ST Corporation loans. The people from this particular community can get hold of a loan for their respective plans of setting up a business or anything in that category.

The website APOBMMS would look like this:

APOBMMS ST Corporation Registration

As you can see, you need to enter a few details before going on with the registration process in detail such as:

Beneficiary Type
Type of Financial Assistance

Expanding on the points mentioned, firstly, the beneficiary type is the option where you have to mention whether you are a single person or a team of multiple people. Henceforth, every option is different from what you choose as the first option.

Once you are done with the easy part of the OBMMS registration, you’ll have to mention the rest of the details. The sub-categories of the further registration part are:

  • Location Details
  • Beneficiary Details
  • Address
  • Photo upload etc.

The sub-categories are further divided into small segments where you will have to mention each and every detail. The Aadhaar card number is very important in this case. It is specifically needed in order to engage with the authentication measure.

Make sure you enter each and every credential carefully without committing any mistakes. Any sort of error will lead to the disqualification of your claim effectively. Finish the registration process and note down your registration number for future use.


APOBMMS Beneficiary Search Details


Concluding with the APOBMMS Registration part, the next thing that comes up is the very obvious Beneficiary Search. It is a section of the web portal where you can search for yourself or anyone else if they are there in the list of the beneficiaries.

It is a fairly easy process to take care of Subsequently, you will be awarded the knowledge of whether you are a part of the list or not in a few seconds of time. Also, do not search for other people’s details. That is supremely unethical.

Follow these steps in order to go for the usual APOBMMS Beneficiary Search:

As mentioned in the points above, firstly, you need to visit the official website of OBMMS particularly dedicated to the Beneficiary Search. The website URL is given in the first point above. The website would look like this:

APOBMMS Beneficiary Search

As you can see, you have to enter one of the two given details. Those are:

Ration Number
Aadhaar Number

These are the two government id numbers that you need to enter while registering yourself with the portal, irrespective whether offline or online. The government is going for the Aadhaar number nowadays, mostly because it is a chosen authentication measure now.

If your name is there in the list, you will be redirected to a webpage with your details on the screen. Otherwise, nothing will be there on the screen. At that point in time, you can visit your nearest MeeSeva Centre for further action.

List Of Beneficiary Details


Once you have a knowledge of your existence on the Beneficiary List, you can go back and check on the Beneficiary details as well. It is not really an obligatory thing to do but just as a measure of self-satisfaction.

The process that you need to follow is ridiculously easy in nature. The steps are as follows:

As mentioned above in the points, firstly, visit the official website particularised for searching the Beneficiary details. The website would like this:

APOBMMS Beneficiary Details

Enter the Beneficiary ID and click on Get Details button. The webpage will redirect you to your details successfully. Download or take a print out of it if you think it will help you in any case.

APOBMMS Statistics & Status


Furthering on the statistics part of Andhra Pradesh Online Beneficiary Management & Monitoring System ABOBMMS, It is specifically differentiated into various categories. You can check on each and every statistic by following the specific official website link.

The official website for APOBMMS Statistics Dashboard is as follows: https://apobmms.cgg.gov.in/dashboardReports.jsp

The 2018-19 Action plan for APOBMMS is as follows:

APOBMMS Action Plan 2018-19

The money, in this case, is in Rs. lakhs. As you can see, the whole population is segregated into 21 different categories where people from different communities are mentioned with the benefits they have been provided with by the state government.

Updated: April 2, 2024 — 10:54 pm
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