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Ration shop details and prices list details has been shared here. In case if you have panning to launch a new ration shop in your area or as a customer knowing the details of pricing on wheat, sugar, for different types of ration card in India.

In this Article, we will discuss the Ration Shop details and the ration shop Prices list of the Essential commodities which were provided to the Ration Cardholders.

It is the responsibility for each state government to establish institutionalized arrangements to the Ration Shops in accordance with the Public Distribution System.

Anyone can apply to open a Fair Price Shop or Ration Shop for the Local State Government’s Public Distribution System. The interested candidate even has to write an exam and have to go through a procedure to get a license to open a Ration Shop in a locality.

Ration Shop Details

Every local authority, or any other authority or body, as may be authorized by the State Government, can conduct or cause to conduct, periodic social audits on the functioning of fair price shops, Targeted Public Distribution System and other welfare schemes and may publicize its findings and take necessary action.

The following list is the duty of each state government under the targeted public distribution system & ration shop details.

  • Take delivery of foodgrains from the designated depots of the Central Government.
  • The Commodities are provided at prices specified by the Public Distribution System.
  • Ensure actual delivery or supply of the foodgrains to the entitled persons.
  • Organise intra-State allocations for delivery of the allocated foodgrains through their authorised agencies at the door-step of each fair price shop.

ration shop details

The prices of the supplies or the food products are delivered to a person at the specified prices which vary from Ration card type to type.

The State Government can fix an amount as the fair price shop owner’s margin, which may be periodically reviewed for ensuring sustained viability of the fair price shop operations.

The State Governments may allow the sale of commodities other than the foodgrains distributed under the Targeted Public Distribution System at the fair price shop to improve the viability of the fair price shop operations.

FPS are mandated to make a lot of disclosures such as opening and closing stock, sample quality of grains sold, retail price details etc.

Accounts of the actual distribution of foodgrains and the balance stock at the end of the month, at the fair price shop, have to be sent to the designated authority of the State Government with a copy to the local authority.

Ration Shop Prices List

Ration shop price list & shop list of the supplying commodities are specified and fixed by the Public Distribution System of that respective state.

This was also done under the guidance of the Food and Civil Supplies department of the Central Government.

The following list is the commodities and their ration shop price list 2018 which are being distributed at subsidized prices.

Sl. no. Name of the Commodity Price Per kg/litre Scale of Supply
1 Rice Free of Cost (In some states) 4 Kgs per adult and 2 kgs per child per month subject to a minimum of 12 Kgs and maximum of 20 kgs per month per card except Nilgiris District. In Nilgiris District minimum of 16 kgs and a maximum of 24 kgs per card Under AAY 35 Kg. per month.
2 Sugar Rs. 13.50 per KG 500 gms per head per month subject to a maximum of 2 kgs. per month.
3 Wheat Rs. 7.50 10 kgs per card per month in Chennai city and District headquarters and 5 kg card per month in other areas.
4 Kerosene Rs. 13.60 to Rs. 14.20 per litre Ranges from 3-15 litres per card depending on the location.

Under special public distribution system, toor dhal, urid dhal and fortified palmolein oil are being distributed at a subsidised price.

The details of issue price and subsidy for the commodities under special public distribution system are also stated in every state’s PDS Websites.

Sl. no. Commodity Price (Rs) Scale of Supply per card per month
1 Toor Dhal 30 1 KG
2 Urid Dhal 30 1 KG
3 Fortified palmolein Oil 25 1 Litre

The issue of family cards to eligible families is a continuous process and this Government has issued necessary instructions to the Principal Commissioner and Commissioner of Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection to issue cards without delay.

At the same time, bogus cards are also being eliminated.

So that all the fake cards get eliminated and the Ration will be provided to each and every ration cardholder equally.

Application form for applying new family card has been prescribed by Government and can be downloaded from the Civil Supplies Department website.

For more information about ration shop details & price list stay tuned!

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