FPS Code In Ration Card & Price Details Online

FPS Code in Ration Card is nothing but the Code allotted to a Fair Price Shops to guide all the Ration Cardholders.

These FPS codes are allotted to the people based on their Residence Proof. so that the People can get those Rations near to them. They were not provided with Subsidized at other Fair Price Shops in which they are not allotted.

FPS Codes are allotted to Ration Cardholders so that they have to buy the Subsidized products from those shops itself.

In this article, we are going to discuss the details about the FPS Code in Ration Card and How to Search for it. Follow the article carefully so that you should not go with the procedure unknowingly.

What is FPS Code?

FPS code is nothing but the numerical code which was allotted to a specific Fair Price Shop (FPS).

It is allotted based on so many parameters like Commodities provided to people, its location in the Village/Town/City.

This Code is important as the Ration Cardholders should go their Fair Price Shops to get the Subsidised Products they will be given a list of shops with FPS Codes so that they should not go for other Fair Price Shops rather than the allotted ones.

Each and ever Government authorised Fair Price Shop (FPS) will be given a Code which should be kept carefully.

This FPS code in Ration Card is used to check their Customers whether they come under their Fair Price Shop or not.

How to Know FPS Code In Ration Card

It is an easy procedure to check out the FPS in Ration Card if you are having Internet Connection to your Mobile Handset or to your PC. The following are the points which will guide you to know FPS Code.

FPS Code in Ration card

This Procedure is applicable only for Andhra Pradesh Citizens as the above-mentioned link is of Andhra Pradesh government’s ePoS website.

  • Select your District from the Drop down menu.
  • And then Click “Submit” in below.
  • List of all the FPS in that District will be displayed in the form of a table.

You can take a printout of the List by Clicking on the option “Print” above the list. If you need to search in a specific village/town/city then just enter the name of your village/town/city in the Search box.

The list will be updated automatically and the list of FPS Shops in your area will be shown. You can also know if any Fair Price Shop is active or not from the list itself. FPS Code in Ration Card will be shown in the table and list out those Shops and go to those when you need the rations.

What is FPS?

FPS means Fair Price Shop which has been licensed to distribute essential Commodities by an order issued by the Central Government. The Food and Food products are meant to distribute to all the Ration cardholders in the area.

Under the Targeted Public Distribution System, it is the duty of the State Government to-

  • Take delivery of food from the designated depots of the Central Government in the State.
  • Organise intra-State allocations for delivery of the allocated foodgrains.
  • Ensure the actual supply of the foodgrains to the entitled persons at the prices specified.

This food is delivered to these Fair Price Shops (FPS) and is supplied to all the Ration card holders specified by the government.

Updated: August 13, 2022 — 7:18 am
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