Change Your Electoral Constituency From One To Another

The government of India issues Voter ID Card to every citizen in India to give access to those people who have a right to vote. With this Voter ID Card, they can be able to cast their vote during the elections. This is also known as the EPIC(Electors Photo Identity Card) which also serves as the Identity proof document for the respective Voter ID Card holder.

This Voter ID Card is issued to all Indian citizens who are eligible to vote and are residents of India. This Voter ID card increases the efficiency and prevents the impersonation and fraudulent or any bogus voter ID cards in India or respective States. Also, helps the Election commission of India during the elections.

This article explains how to change your electoral constituency from one to another. This involves changing from one state/region/district to another. All the methods are explained in this article below. By the end of this article, you will be knowing all the required details and procedures of changing from one constituency to another.

Online Procedure to Change Constituency

The following is the online procedure for a Voter ID cardholder to change his/her constituency through the online procedure. The procedure is almost similar to the Voter ID card application procedure as you just have to do a small change while filling the Application form titled as “Form-8A”. The further details are shown in the below steps.

  • Applicant should have to visit the Election commission of India (ECI) official portal.
  • Click on the link to visit the portal,
  • On the homepage, click on the “Forms for Registration in E-Roll” option on left side menu column.
  • You will be redirected to a page with all the forms in it.
  • Click on the “English” or “Hindi” under the Form-8A.

You can either download the Form-8A or just fill it online in the English language. This form is to be filled by the respective Voter ID cardholder only so that there won’t be mistakes while filling up the personal details and contact details as they are very important.

  • Fill up the details like Name, Surname, EPIC number, Mobile number, address etc.
  • Details are to entered correctly as per registered in the proof documents.
  • Enter the place and Date located after the declaration section.
  • Also, sign the Form at the end and submit it online.

Click on the “Submit” button at the end of the page or if there are any mistakes in the Application form, click on the “Reset” button beside the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. You need to give your current address and permanent address as well. Don’t forget to fill the mandatory fields which are marked as “*” symbol beside them.

Before submission of the Application you are needed to upload the Photograph, Age Proof, and address proof documents to the application form either in .jpg,.png,.bmp,.jpeg formats.

Offline Procedure to Change Constituency

The offline procedure of Changing Constituency is similar to the above mentioned Online procedure as in this process you are not needed to have any Computer or Internet Services to Download and Submit the Form. Just follow the below guidelines.

  • Visit the nearest Electoral Officer in your area.
  • Request for a Form-8A from the officers in the office.
  • Fill up the application with all the relevant details which are required.
  • Ensure that the details entered are correct and are as per in the Proof documents.
  • Attach the Proof Documents to the form for the verification purposes.
  • Submit the Form to the officials in the Electoral Office.

On verification of all the documents and the details filled in the Application form, the Voter ID card will be issued to the respective individual. No fake documents should be provided which can get your application rejected during the verification of the form and documents.

The Officials in the Elections Commission of India (ECI) will verify your Form and attached documents and if everything is per instructions and good, they will change your constituency from one to the requested one regarding your need.

Updated: June 1, 2024 — 4:01 pm
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