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Voter ID Card is considered as one of the most important documents that can be procured by the individual. This was provided to the individual by the Government of India. This Voter ID card not only allows an individual to give access to his/her cast their vote but also acts as a proof of address and identity.

Applicants can apply for their Voter ID online or offline with the of National Voter’s Service Portal (NVSP) or Election Commission of India (ECI).

If the candidate or Indian Citizens wish to apply online, they can visit the website mentioned above & download the forms. The relevant form will have to be filled with details and submitted along with the relevant proof documents.

If Citizens wish to apply through offline procedure then they will have to visit the nearest Electoral Office and procure the Application forms, fill it and submit them along with the respective supporting documents.

It is imperative for individuals to have their identity proof documents with themselves as they help a lot in verification procedure.

Voter ID Card verification Procedure


In this article, you will get to know the details regarding the Voter ID Card verification procedure. For this, you have to follow the below set of guidelines which will help the candidate to proceed with the Verification process. To know about the Verification procedure, you have to apply for a Voter ID card at first.

  • You must log on to the official website of the Government,
  • Collect the form-6 and fill in all the details in their relevant text columns.
  •  You should fill in the details on Form-6 if you are applying for the Voter ID card for the first time.
  • You will have to submit the duly filled form-6 and along with the relevant proof documents.
  • Photocopies of the Documents are enough as proofs and they should be self-attested.
  • Affix a Passport-sized photograph and attach it to the Application form or Form – 6.


Submit the Application form along with the hard copy of the proof of Identity documents must be sent to the nearest electoral office in your area.

As the documents are required it is advisable to submit the application form in person to the Electoral Office.

After the submission of documents, officials in the Electoral Office has to make sure that the documents attached to this Application form are original. So, they verify all the entered details with the details in the attached proof documents.

Your Address is also be verified by an electoral officer by enquiring your neighbours and other members of your society/neighbourhood/locality.

How Does Verification procedure work?


To brief again the how does the Verification procedure work you just have to read this section of the whole article.

First of all the Applicants have to get forms either online or offline. There are different forms are available for the candidates based on the required needs.

For example, the applicants can register themselves as voters for the first time by filling out and submitting the Form-6 either online or Offline. Similarly, if they wish to correct or change or modify certain details in their Voter ID, they will have to fill up and submit the Form 8.

  • Based on the submitted documents such as Address and Identity proof, their details will be verified.
  • They will crosscheck and verify the details in the Application form as well as in the proof documents.
  • The details in both Form and document should be a match otherwise there is a chance of Rejection.
  • If the details are verified successfully by the Officers of the ECI the applicant will be given a number.
  • This can be also called as reference number which can be used to track the verified application form.

After all their documents have been verified, they will receive a visit from their Booth Level Officer who will come to the applicant’s residence and verify all the required details.

In any case, if the details do not match, then the application will be rejected without any notification to the specific candidate.

If details are to the satisfaction of the Booth Level Officer then the verification will be completed by the BLO himself/herself and will proceed further the application procedure and applicants will receive their Voter ID by post after around 2 to 3 weeks of working days.

Updated: April 3, 2024 — 1:39 am
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