Bhulekh UP – खसरा खतौनी भु नक्शा ऑनलाइन नक़ल Details

Bhulekh UP or Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh is the official government portal which handles all the state’s land records accordingly, dividing them from person to person on the basis of holding number or districts or names of the people.

  • The Bhulekh UP has been on the rise this year, 2018, exponentially.
  • Almost all of the documents’ information has been updated on the portal.
  • It’s a different thing what happens on the ground level, but yeah, you get the point.

As of now Bhulekh UP, most of the paperwork has been digitized and uploaded on to the server, if not all. The Board of Revenue of the Uttar Pradesh State Government handles and facilitates all the process of the Land Records across the state.

Code of Revenue: Bhulekh UP Village Khatauni

The website URL for the same is as follows:

The Bhulekh UP website would look like this:

Bhulekh UP

There are three different credentials first up that you need to choose:

  • District
  • Tehsil
  • Village

Here, you can find information about your own piece of land with the help of inputting certain details. As mentioned above, you need to first select the district you are interested in.

After that, select the appropriate Tehsil you are about to search for. A number of Tehsils under the specified district will be displayed on the screen in the middle section. Search for the same and click on the Tehsil you wish to see.

After that, all the villages falling under that tehsil will be displayed on the right-hand corner of the page. The villages will have the village code mentioned on the right in parenthesis.

Select the village you wish to see and click on it. You can search for the same with the virtual keyboard available there on the page itself. After doing the same you will be redirected to a different page.

Find your Plot

Here, on the redirected page you will be given three options to choose where you can find the desired plot you want to see.

The redirected website of Bhulekh UP would look like this:

BhuLekh UP Village

You can do the same by filling up either of the three given places by:

  • Land/Holding Number
  • Account Number
  • Name of the Account Holder

The Land/Holding number is the serial number that is assigned to you by the Board of Revenue against your plot of land. It is a numerical string of characters. It is seen that it is mostly a 7-digit number max, preceded by a 3-digit number at the most.

The Land number is the most correct and effective measure of finding the information and location of your piece of land.

On the other hand, Account Number is the number assigned to you by the Board of Revenue on behalf of your land. It is given when you are creating or having that account with the mobile app as a digitized entrant into the website.

The account number is also a numerical string. Just enter the relevant number according to your knowledge and you will be shown your result effectively.

Similarly, you can also search for the plot information by searching with the help of the name of the account holder. Make sure you type the name of the account holder correctly. Otherwise, you can’t get your desired result.

Find Unique Code of Plot/Gate

The website URL for the same is as follows:

The website would look like this:

UP Bhulekh Unique Code

As you can see in the picture, you will have to select three credentials first up namely:

  • District
  • Tehsil
  • Village

The list of the district is given first up. You have to select your desired district with the help of the list given or by typing the alphabet it starts, in Hindi, in the search box given alongside.

After that, you will have to select the specific Tehsil in the given list after choosing your district. Make sure you don’t select the wrong tehsil or else you will have to start once more all over again.

Finishing up with the Tehsil part, you will be given the chance to select your particular village. The villages appear in the list along with the code alongside. Select the Village and you will be redirected to a page as uploaded above, in the picture.

You will have to fill up your holding number or gata number. After filling it up, you will be shown your Unique Plot Code.

This unique plot code is mentioned in the accounts of the Board of Revenue as far as Land Records are concerned.

Computerization of land records Bhulekh UP

Construction of Bhojika Web Portal has been done to computerize Uttar Pradesh’s land records in such a way that the daily activities of these land records can be streamlined and maintained. The Bhokra portal maintains the whole life cycle of Khatauni.

Landlord Data API is the interface of land records data that provides transparency with other applications. You can view land records data, information about land records, land records information, etc. using the Land Data Data API.

Web-Based Land Document System started on May 2, 2016, has been implemented in all the tehsils of the state.

Online Services

There are a few online services that the Board of Revenue provides to the consumers with relation to Land Records and other things. Those are namely:

  • Complaint Registration
  • Know the status of the complaint
  • EDistrict
  • Stamp and Registry
  • Revenue Debate

The website for registering a complaint is as follows:

You will be redirected to a new page where you will be asked to enter certain details such as your:

  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID
  • Holding number/Plot Code etc

After registering, you will be given the choices according to your complaint. Submit the same accordingly and then you will have to note down your Complaint Number. It is a numerical string of an unknown number of characters.

You can use the Complaint Number to track the status of your grievance address. Usually, it would take around 2 weeks to get through it. If not, then you will have to visit the nearby Land Records office to get your thing sorted.

Check the status of Complaint & Map

The website to check the status of your complaint is as follows:

The website would look like this:

UP Bhulekh Complaint Status Check

As mentioned in the photo above, you will have to fill up these details:

  • Complaint Number
  • Mobile Number or
  • Email ID
  • 4-digit Security PIN

The complaint number, as depicted in the paragraph above, is the number that you would get after completing the grievance address process by the server. Enter the same and then go ahead.

Mention either your mobile number or your email id accordingly, to get the confirmation status henceforth. Enter the 4-digit security pin as well that is displayed on the screen itself besides.

Uttar Pradesh Tehsil Map:

After you have entered all of these, click on Submit and you will be shown your complaint status. A reference number will be sent to your mobile number or email ID, depending on what you have entered.

If it is still not happening after a long time, visit the nearby Board of Revenue office, working on the Land Records.

Updated: June 4, 2024 — 6:07 pm
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