PMGDisha – Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan

PMGDisha – Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyaan or PMGDISHA is the scheme which was introduced by the present Prime Minister of India, Sri. Narendra Modi, with an objective and an aim to make one person in every family digitally literate.

Under this scheme PMGDISHA, the central government want to make 6 crore persons in rural areas, across states/UTs digitally literate and want to reach around 40% of rural households should have a literate individual in each and every household. This aim is to be achieved by the 31st March 2019.

If you already have an account you can direct access to PMGDisha Login page.

Objectives of PMGDISHA Scheme

The PMGDISHA Scheme is to empower the citizens in rural areas by giving them training regarding the overall view of How to Operate a Computer or any digital devices like Tablets, Smartphones etc. The following are the objectives which are achieved by the persons who involved in the training conducted by the PMGDISHA.

  • how to operate a Computer and other Digital Devices.
  • how to Send and Recieve e-mails.
  • how to Browse on the internet.
  • how to Access some/all of the provided Government Services.
  • how to Search for Information on the Internet.
  • how to undertake the Digital Payments.

Knowing all of the above-mentioned things for an individual can give an ability to use them for all the technological applications and give the person a chance to participate in the process of Nation Building with this Training.

Using the Information technology and related applications for the daily purposes will be easy when a person completes his/her course. Through this PMGDISHA scheme, specifically rural areas population including all the backward categories like Scheduled Castes (SCs), Scheduled Tribes (STs), Minorities, below Poverty Line (BPL) Category people, Women will be educated more than all the other persons.

About the PMGDisha Course

To register as a Candidate for this PMGDisha course, the applicant has to complete his/her KYC and should sign the agreement declaration by agreeing to all the terms and conditions which will be shared with the examination agencies and training centres for the Certification purpose and training purpose respectively.

  • One person from each household will be selected to make him/her digitally literate.
  • Age can be in between 14 – 60 years for the candidate who will be selected.
  • The Course Duration will be 20 hours i.e., Minimum 10 days and a maximum of 30 days.
  • The medium of instruction will be in the local languages of different states in India.


There will be Application or certification fee for all the eligible and interested applicants for PMGDisha who should enrol themselves for the course in the nearest Training Centre/ or in any Common Service Center. National Level Verifying agency NIELIT, NIOS, IGNOU, HKCL, ICTACT, NIESBUD etc will conduct the Independent external evaluation etc.

Implementation Process

The PMGDISHA Scheme will be implemented by the CSC e-Governance Services Limited under the guidance and rules of the Ministry of Electronics & Information technology with the active collaboration of all the State Governments and Administrations of the Union Territories.

As per some sources, so many NGOs, Industry and Government Authorised Centres, Common Service Centres (CSCs) and some other educational institutions will be utilized by the Central Government under this PMGDISHA to train all the 6 crore persons and also to empower them in Digital Literacy.

  • This Scheme is applicable only for the Rural areas of the Country.
  • All the CSCs are given the authorization to register and train the candidates from specified areas.
  • Eligible candidate can enroll in the nearest PMGDISHA training centre using their Aadhaar number.
  • Training Centers will provide unique PMGDISHA Login Password and Username to the individual.
  • At the end of the module, the candidates will be attending so many assessments continuously.
  • Attendance will be there on daily basis using the Aadhaar number.

On fulfilling the minimum number of learning hours and successful completion of all the assessments and examinations, the candidates will be eligible to appear for the real-time examination process with so many Nationally certification agencies namely NIELIT, NIOS, ICTACT, HKCL, NIESBUD etc.


Certificates will be issued to all the successful candidates by the above-mentioned Certification agencies. After successful certification of the candidate, the training cost will be released to the training agencies by the CSC-SPV centres.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility HouseholdAny household is generally comprised of the Head of the Family, Spouse, Children and Parents. All such Households where any of the family members are not digitally literate will be considered as the Eligible Household under the PMGDISHA Scheme.

Entry Criteria:

  • The Beneficiary should be Digitally Literate.
  • Only one person from each eligible household is considered for training.
  • Age Group should be in between 14 – 60 years.

Priority would be given to the following candidates,

  • Non-Smartphone Users, Antyodaya Households, College Drop-outs, Participants of Literacy Mission.
  • Digitally Illiterate Students from the 9th to 10th classes.
  • Preference would be given to all SC/ST, BPL, Women and differentially-abled persons etc.


Candidates who are going through the training programmes are given a unique Username and Password to each individual based on their Aadhaar number so that they can be able to access the PMGDISHA Login Platform.

Using these PMGDISHA login Details, candidates can be able to enter their PMGDISHA accounts at any time. All of those general candidates should undergo through the PMGDISHA Exam who wish to obtain the PMGDISHA certificates from the above-mentioned certification agencies.

Updated: June 23, 2024 — 6:20 pm
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