Link Mobile Number To Ration Card In Tamil Nadu

Link mobile number with ration card online through TNEPDS Official website. Here we cover the complete information how to link mobile number with your smart ration card.

Going with the trend, Mobile Numbers are also linked with the Ration cards, alongside the usual Aadhaar cards.

Aadhaar card linking was most likely done to avail commodities at subsidized prices. Although Aadhaar is not mandatory as per the honourable Supreme Court. However, to avail all the benefits, you need to possess an Aadhaar card.

Thereby, making Aadhaar card almost mandatory otherwise, there is no point of that Ration Card.

Add/Link Mobile Number Online In Tamil Nadu

On Official website there is a notice regarding linking mobile number to TNPDS Ration card as stated below.

mobile number tnpds

Call the toll-free numbers to get your mobile number registered:

  • 1967
  • 1800-425-5901

Registered users can view their:

Going into detail, there are several benefits if you get your Mobile Number registered with the tnpds servers. Along with your ration card details, you will be able to check for the transactions and balance of commodities left.

You can see your whole family’s details. You can or remove their names from the list due to several reasons, personal or not, on your own as well online. Your ration card will also act as a Proof of Address all over the country.

Your family members’ Aadhaar numbers are also saved with your ration card. So, turn around and pray to your favourite God to keep the servers safe and away from hackers. If you are an atheist, you have no other choice but to be positive.

Other uses of being a Registered User

A registered mobile user wich was added to your tamil nadu ration card can easily download and install the tnpds/tnepds app on their respective mobile phones through sms.

With the reach of mobile phones and internet access being the highest in our country, it is pretty understandable why it’s a good option.

Mobile Number Register tnpds

Registered Mobile users can edit and submit their details online itself. With the newly launched app, albeit being a not so good one, registered members can use their app to good effect.

The app will show people their entitlement on various goods and commodities. The balance that is left for any specific month can be easily calculated accordingly. Also, the app enables you to see two more features:

  • The weight of each commodity purchased
  • The price spent behind each commodity

It is to note that you will only get know about one particular month’s tally. A year-long tally is not available. You will have to note down your details for each month to get the total figure as per your wish.

There are several other benefits that you can avail in case you have your mobile number registered. These SMS services are:

  • PDS <space> 101 – Availability of Commodity at Ration Shop
  • PDS <space> 102 – Status of Ration Shop (Open / Close)
  • PDS <space> 107 – Complaints about Billing

SMS the necessary query according to your wish to the number 9980904040 from your Registered Mobile Number

Registering your mobile number thus gives you that edge over other users who need to dish out their requests and approach a Taluk Supply Office or Ration Shop to get their things done, instead of going for it on their fingertips itself.

Updated: June 4, 2024 — 4:22 am
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