Rajiv Gandhi Vasati Nigam (RGRHCL) – Apply & Details

Rajiv Gandhi Vasati Nigam – is a Karnataka State Government sponsored scheme. It has been on board since 2010. This scheme helps people, especially from the economically insecure section of the population.

This Rajiv Gandhi Vasati Nigam RGRHCL scheme has received a set of mixed reviews so to speak. Quite a few people have benefited from the implementation of this scheme.

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It is handled by the Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited. It is a Government of Karnataka Enterprise.

Rajiv Gandhi Vasati Nigama

Overall, this Rajiv Gandhi Vasati scheme has been further divided into various sub-schemes which we will be discussing later in this article. Apart from that, we will talk more about the Indira Mane App which lets people avail the services with a single touch on their phones.

Rajiv Gandhi Vasati Nigam Apply & Details

As it was mentioned before, this scheme Rajiv Gandhi Vasati Nigam has been divided into several sub-schemes. This is done specifically to differentiate between the groups of people as far as privilege is concerned.

The various types of sub-schemes Under (Rajiv Gandhi Vasati) are also divided as per the communities as well. Luckily A lot of backward population gets benefited a lot from this scheme in general.

The local administration such as the Gram Sabha, the District Headquarters and all participate in the smooth conduct of this mega scheme so that no loopholes are left open and the general public suffers.

The different types of Rajiv Gandhi Vasati Nigam – subschemes for the various types of communities are as follows:

  • Rural Ashraya or Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vasati Yojana
  • Urban Ashraya
  • Special Occupation Groups
  • Gram Panchayat Housing Scheme
  • Navagrama Housing Scheme etc.

Rural Ashraya or Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vasati Yojana:

This is a state government underwritten plan for sheltering for the home installation for the house less rural impoverished. The yearly salary boundary for the beneficiaries of this scheme is Rs. 11,800 only.

The beneficiaries are preferred by the Ashraya Committees who elect them from the list of houseless people distinguished in the respective Grama Sabhas. The monetary aid under the program is confined to Rs.20,000/- per recipient.

Urban Ashraya or the Urban Housing Scheme:

Under Rajiv Gandhi Vasati Nigam – This is a state government assisted project for installation for the houseless urban poor. The annual revenue mark for the beneficiaries of this scheme is Rs. 11,800.

The beneficiaries are also decided by Ashraya Committees including both official and non-official members delegated by the government. The Committees choose the heirs from the list of house less persons recognized by the community local groups.

This is a state government aided domicile scheme for the SC/ST. The year-long pay deadline for the beneficiaries of this scheme is Rs.11,800/-. The beneficiaries are also chosen by the Ashraya Committees covering both official and non-official members appointed by the government.

Gram Panchayat Housing Scheme:

This is an experimental Scheme of Sheltering for EWS in Gram Panchayat areas. The maximum financial assistance is Rs. 20,000/- (Including loan and Subsidy)

The loan amount that is authorised is usually Rs. 10,000/-. The grant for general category beneficiaries is Rs.10,000/- and for the SC / ST beneficiaries Rs. 20,000/-.

The denoted area should be not less than 20 sq.mtrs.

Special Occupation Groups:

This is a state government aided scheme for granting shelter for various EWS (Economically Weaker Sections) occupations such as beedi workers, hamals, artisans, weavers, fisherfolk, miners etc.

The Central Government has designated dwelling schemes for occupational groups such as beedi worker, mineworkers, weavers etc.

The program for Special Occupation Groups is to take an interest of these central schemes to ensure that these schemes are administered in the state and the central return is appropriated to the service of the concerned EWS categories in the State.

Navagrama Housing Scheme:

The scheme will specifically remodel the lives of the poor by hurrying them to encourage into new abodes or village expansions grew through alliance development, funded through the concentration of Schemes with construction labour paid through the SGRY Programme.

The “Nava Grama Ashraya Yojana” thus furnishes a fabrication for the union of Ashraya housing scheme and SGRY, appropriating funds and foodgrains under SGRY to provide for infrastructure for houses under Ashraya.


Check Status of the Beneficiaries


After implementing the Rajiv Gandhi Vasati Nigam scheme under the main department, candidates are given a beneficiary number that they need to conserve for future use. They can trace the progress of their application with it.

Not only the house’s status is described but the overall process is also analysed by the use of that number. Here is how you can check for the status of it by yourself:

Detailing the points mentioned above, firstly, you need to visit the official website dedicated for checking the status of your details as a beneficiary.

The website would look like this:

Beneficiary Status of Rajiv Gandhi Vasati Nigam

You have to fill in two options:

  • District
  • Beneficiary Code

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