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Encumbrance certificate Telangana is the document that is specifically dedicated to the piece of land, plot or generally any type of an earthen asset around. It assigns the authentication measure to that very piece of asset owned by someone.

The owner of any land or asset can take the help of their encumbrance certificate in order to show the proof of their asset. The proofs might be needed at places with monetary influence such as a bank, an Income Tax office etc.

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In this article, we will learn more of the encumbrance certificate of Telangana, the methods of searching, downloading, apply procedure online, for it and other relevant stuff. The encumbrance certificate of Telangana is handled by the Registration and Stamps Department.


Telangana Encumbrance Certificate Search 2020


As a responsible citizen of the state of Telangana, it is one’s duty to check the legitimacy of the asset they are owning. Unless they specifically want to delay it and make things go horribly wrong.

In this section of the article, we will discuss the various types of ways where we can search for the Encumbrance Certificate.

There are two types of ways for you to search for the Telangana Encumbrance Certificate:

Document Number
None / Form Entry

In the first method, you need to fill in your Document Number.

That would easily locate your Encumbrance Certificate if it is available on the Registration and Stamps Department official website servers automatically.

Otherwise, you need to go for the second option. In that, you need to enter the details of the plot or the piece of land you own yourself.

Those include:

  • Flat number
  • Name of the owner
  • SRO registered and many more

Every small detail is needed to correctly find the Encumbrance Certificate dedicated to that particular piece of Earth. Let us discuss both the methods in detail.


Telangana Encumbrance Certificate Search by Document Number


If you have your plot of land’s document number ready, then by proceeding with this method is technically the easiest. You don’t have to do a whole lot in order to go ahead with the process.

Follow these few steps to find the Encumbrance Certificate dedicated to your piece of land effectively:

Expanding the points mentioned above, firstly, you need to visit the official website. The link given above is the direct website URL for checking your Telangana Encumbrance Certificate with the document number.

Before heading ahead, make sure you have your particulars ready. The website would look like this:

Encumbrance Certificate Telangana

As you can see in the photo given above, you need to enter these credentials in order to proceed ahead:

Document Number
Year of Registration
Registered at SRO

All these three details are the utmost necessity to go with the checking process. Make sure you enter the details correctly. Wrongly entered details will lead you to some other site’s result or will give you an error message as well.

Once you see the situation of your Encumbrance Certificate, you can either download an Electronic Copy or get the same in the form of a hard copy version from the same SRO where you had registered earlier.


Telangana Encumbrance Certificate Search by Form Entry


Similarly, there is another method as mentioned above. It is when you don’t have access to your Document number. In that case, you need to enter all of the details of your particular plot. Sometimes, this type of Encumbrance Certificate search is necessary.

The Document Number is not available with everyone since you need to collect the same from the SRO or the District Headquarters. Follow these steps in order to go for the process:

As mentioned in the points given above, firstly, you need to visit the specific official website. The website URL is for checking the Telangana Encumbrance Certificate by form entry. The website would look like this:

Telangana Encumbrance Certificate Search by Form Entry

As you can see, firstly you need to fill in the two most important details in the District Name and the name of the Applicant. These are pretty important since it will narrow down the search significantly. Then you have to go for the usual details such as:

Flat Number
House Number / Apartment
Block / Mandal
Village / City

In case if it’s an agricultural site, you need to enter these details:

  • Plot Number
  • Survey Number
  • Revenue Village

After these specifications, you need to mention what all is surrounding your particular plot of land on all the four directions.

This is done specifically to pinpoint your area in case the navigation measures like landmarks make it difficult.

If your Encumbrance Certificate is ready, you can download it. Otherwise, you need to visit the nearest SRO number to inquire about further details.

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