UIDAI Contact Number Appearing In your Contacts List Mysteriously

With all the talk of digitisation and connectivity all around the world, India is not striving to fall behind as well. With recent efforts in pushing the envelope, various governments and political leaders are trying hard to get the whole country connected on one platform.

However, this isn’t a smooth sail if you are not concerned about the timely glitches and, scarily enough, potential attacks on the whole database. Things won’t stay the same forever, especially if you are talking about web connectivity.

This is a report on the current mayhem caused by THE UIDAI Helpline Number’s mysterious presence.

As of August 3rd, 2018, a sunny yet gloomy day in most parts of India, the day started with a bang. People are finding something peculiar out of nowhere. And it has everything to do with their mobile phones. With Twitter going ablaze, it is noted that the UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India Helpline Number is chilling calmly in the Contacts list of quite a few people.

Mobile users in India have taken the issue to Twitter by tagging the respective authorities and Twitter handles of Aadhaar. It is a freakish situation, to be honest. Being able to create a Contact on its own is a dreaded thing.

Such powers are easily manipulable and may lead to catastrophic disasters and even wars, not even exaggerating at this point in time.

Here is an example which happened recently:

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By Pradbu Chawala:

Make sure you check your phones immediately and take it to any official, in whichever way possible. Compromising on privacy will lead to destructive times, even without the need to use an atomic bomb. Take Care!

Updated: April 16, 2024 — 4:33 am
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