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PPAS – Paddy production of Odisha is controlled by the Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department. It is a sister setup of the Odisha State Government.

It takes care of all the transportation and handling of the paddy grains and transactions from all the parties.

As of 2016, it has automated all the transactions for PPAS – paddy procurement at the Market Yard level. It was specifically done to check the burden of agencies that used to take care of the middlemen job. It also keeps track of the procurement progress.

All the transactions of PPAS paddy procurement process are digitized such as:

  • The arrival of a farmer with Paddy
  • The Delivery of Paddy to Millers
  • Payment of Paddy Cost to Farmers Online

The PPAS Paddy Procurement Automation System(PPAS) has been materialised in all the 30 districts of Odisha since 2016, as mentioned before. This very process was helpful in delivering approximately 8000 Crore rupees to Odisha’s Rural Economy.

This surplus cash flow was seen in the Kharif Market Season of 2016-17. This very move led the state of Odisha to be one among the top four Paddy procuring(PPAS) surplus states in the country of India, only behind Punjab, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh.

PPAS - Paddy Procurement Odisha

For initiating the PPAS application in any system, one needs to commence the Kharif
Marketing Season first in their respective system. It is because the PPAS application prepares books of accounts of PPAS paddy procurement for each Kharif Marketing Season separately.

Thus, the Agency must ‘Initiate a Marketing Season’ for each Paddy Procurement Centre/ Mandi it facilitates at the start of every market season to handle transactions using PPAS application.

Registering your computer for PPAS

To restrict unauthorized access into the main servers for avoiding conflicts, user id and password are given to each user by the agencies. To add further security for your personal benefit, it is essential to register your computer in the P-PAS Central Server.

By this process, a synchronization of the computer used at PPC level and the central P-PAS server is established. Consequent data updating and downloading is possible from or to a registered computer only.

Here are the steps, in brief, to carry out the same:

  • Start the local application using website URL (https://localhost:8080/PPAS) through internet explorer. Log in to the system using administrator user-id and password (admin/admin).
  • Click on the ‘Configure Digital Signature Certificate’ link. It allows the user to select a Digital Signature Certificate from DSC token issued to the PACS secretary.
  • Click on the Browse option and locate IDPrimePKCS11.dll present file in ‘C:\Program
    Files (x86)\Gemalto\IDGo 800 PKCS#11\’ folder.
    [Note: If the folder is not available then insert the CD (provided by N-Code Solutions) and browse the folder ‘E:\drivers\GEMALTO\WINDOWS’ and install both the available software application ‘SCSED-Driver-Full.exe’ and ‘scsed_JAVA.exe’]

Enter the password of the DSC token supplied by the provider. On clicking the ‘fetch certificates’ button, two certificates will be visible on the certificate list.

Select the first certificate from the list by clicking the options button available in the leftmost column.

  • On clicking, the certificate details of the selected certificate will be fetched in
    the certificate details pane below the certificate list.
  • Click the save button after thorough verification.
  • After accomplishing the uploading process, click on ‘Back’ button. It will redirect you back to the homepage. Click on the ‘Generate File for Registration’ link present in the administrative control panel.
  • Save the generated XML file to your system.

Open the online portal www.ppasodisha.org.in through Internet Explorer 7 or
higher version. Login to the portal using online user id and password provided to
you. Click on the Registration of Society link present at the top right corner of the

  • Choose the downloaded XML file by clicking the ‘Browse’ button and click on ‘Merge’
    button to complete the process.
  • After the successful completion of the registration process, the computer will be noted as ‘Registered‘ and the specific master data can now be downloaded for this registered machine.

The society/PACS having multiple PPCs have to map the farmers before downloading the Master Data. Select Farmer Code/farmer Name, then select the PPC option.

Select the correct PPC the farmer belongs to followed by Map or Unmap option in the bottom right corner.

Advantages of using P-PAS Application

There are quite a few advantages of using the P-PAS Application compared to that of the normal, manual method. This has been propitious to not only the farmers but also the millers and the government on a whole. Here a few are mentioned in brief:

Common Platform:

PPAS implements a common platform for all the State agencies securing paddy, namely:

  • Odisha State Civil Supplies Corporation (OSCSC)
  • Tribal Development Cooperative Corporation (TDCC).

All can use the same application software to procure paddy(PPAS) from farmers directly.

Efficiency and Ease of Operation:

The use of the P-PAS application has made the balancing of the account books of the agents, Market Yard etc convenient, simple, accurate and up to date in real time. The authorities can now verify the records at any time they want to.

The quick updating of the records has significantly improved the punctuality of payment of money to the farmers. The reduction of paperwork has certainly decreased to need for that extra effort and time consumption.

Error Free Transaction:

The chances of errors in recording transactions have been eliminated due to the use of verified data of

  • Farmer Registration module.
  • Miller Registration module.
  • Limited data entry regarding quality & quantity of paddy.
  • Vehicle details of the Miller at the Mandi/PPC on the date of procurement.

Information Flow in P-PAS

Here is an interesting flow chart that explains the movement of information in P-PAS facilitating the smooth conduct of the whole procedure:

PPAS Odisha Information Flow


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