Tamil Nilam – Online Patta Transfer In Tamil Nadu

Tamil NIlam is one of the Major e-Governance Initiative which was introduced and implemented in many Rural Taluks in the Tamil Nadu State. It was controlled by the Revenue Department of the Tamil Nadu Government.

This Tamil Nilam is supposed to handle so many transactions which are related to all the Land Records in the State. This Prestigious project was awarded Standardisation, Testing and Quality Certificate of Software Quality Assurance. Till now more than 1.3 Crores of Chitta Extracts are issued.

In this article, we will discuss what is meant by Tamil Nilam, what are its features and other advantages which are gained by implementing it in the Tamil Nadu State.

Features and Objectives of Tamil Nilam

As said earlier, Tamil Nilam is a major project which was introduced to Handle all the Transactions regarding the Land Records with Data Integrity and Accuracy. The following are the Features of the Project Tamil Nilam.

Features of web Based Tamil Nilam:

  • Automatic Generation and Issue of the Chitta Extract (Record of Rights).
  • End to End workflow process.
  • Role-Based Security to the Citizens and Land Records.
  • Active SMS alerts to the Citizens
  • Monitoring reports for Taluk, District and State Level Officers.

With this Tamil Nilam, Digital Signing of orders is activated in some Taluk Offices which will be approved by the Concerned Authority. Citizens can now apply through CSC as per the District framework. Under this scheme, a Citizen can view his/her Status of the Application at any time.

Tamil Nilam

Also, any order such as Patta Transfer Order and Subdivision order is generated with 2D Barcode under this Tamil NIlam Scheme. The objectives of the Scheme are also listed below in the form of points.

  • To modernise and digitise the management of Land Records.
  • To enhance the transparency in the Land Records Maintenance System.
  • Also to minimise the Scope of Land/Property Disputes between citizens of Tamil Nadu.
  • To facilitate the Citizen to file the application for Patta Transfer.

Note: Tamil Nilam Stands for “Tamil Nadu Information System on Land Administration andd management.

These are provided along with the back-end processing of the objective. These are the main objectives of introducing the Tamil Nilam to the People of Tamil Nadu State. Through this Scheme, Tamil Nadu State Government is providing lots of benefits and Services to People.

Implementation Status of Tamil Nilam

The Plot Phase of this Scheme, Tamil Nilam has started in the year 2014 on October. At present, up to more than 105 Taluks are made online by covering 3-5 Taluks per District. The following are the credits of the Tamil Nilam.

  • In total, almost 68100 Applications are received by the Revenue Department.
  • Registering for Tamil Nilam online is about 1.25 Crores.
  • Almost 1.4 Crores of Chitta details are stored online.

This is such a huge success after implementing the Status of Tamil Nilam. Many documents regarding the Land Records are digitised and made available online. People who own land can easily know their details by just logging in to the Tamil Nilam Website.

Tamil NIlam Login

Also, so many Common Service Centres are introduced and many services are offered online in here. The following are the things a citizen can have advantages due to these CSC’s. Let’s check them out.

  • A Unique Login ID is provided for you to check your land records online.
  • Around 10,000 CSCs such as ELCOT, PACS, TACTV, VPRC, TFC etc are provided.
  • A citizen can go to any CSC and can submit his/her application form.

Android Mobile Application and Digital Signing of the Orders are introduced with this scheme. With this Tamil NIlam project, the Government of the Tamil Nadu is trying to provide the modernise the procedures which are belonged to the Land records. this can be a huge asset for a Landowner.

Assumptions of Success through Tamil Nilam

Coordination with the District Administration, Department of Survey and Settlement, would be handled by CLA for smooth execution of the project. The accuracy of the maps / Tamil Nilam data is to be ensured by COSS Office.

This has to be carried out and ensured by District Administration / COSS. Ensure timely updation of both the GIS and MIS components through various Office Orders / Circulars / etc.. to ensure smooth sustenance. The GIS integration can begin only after handing over of the mosaiced maps to NIC.

Updated: June 3, 2024 — 2:42 am
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