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Bhunaksha Telangana translates to the Map of the land, roughly. In this case, we will be talking about Bhunaksha Telangana. It is a recently materialized initiative where the Telangana State Government has taken strides to put each and every corner of the state on the digital platform.

With a few aspects of Navigation and Mapping techniques being explored by the Indian Space Research Organisation, this will be extremely beneficial to track the whereabouts of each and every village of Telangana digitally, on a map.

In this article, we’ll be talking about some latest news releases on Bhunaksha Telangana apart from the usual checking of Village statuses and situation.


Bhunaksha Telangana Latest News


As of June 2017, a news report was released online. It was the week when the Telangana Government decided to take up the issue and upload the whole map of the state online. It was on the wake of the whole country going all gung-ho on the digitisation bandwagon.

The whole map of the Telangana was uploaded from the CCLA or the Chief Commissioner of Land Administration, in collaboration with the National Informatics Centre (NIC). It would have taken a fortnight or a score days to get the whole thing uploaded.

All of the 8684 villages have been mapped and uploaded.

With this thing under the radar, it is easier to get information on that specific area for which you are looking. The markings of the villages can now be easily traced and authenticated without much of a hassle.

It is up to the people and the government now to take care of all of the wrongdoings as far as real estate is concerned.

Hopefully, the digitisation part will reduce the corruption and fraudulent activities significantly.


How to Check Bhunaksha Telangana Village Details


ROR 1B holds the whole details about the particular owner of a Land. Landowners can link their Aadhaar cards to land records and can be able to check out the status of their lands always.

People can apply for any ROR court along with proofs from the Bhunaksha website itself.

The following is the list of points which are like a step-to-step guide to check the details of the Bhunaksha Telangana Village 1B.

Bhunaksha Telangana

  • Visit the website of the Bhunaksha Telangana.
  • you have to select the “1-B” from the homepage of the website.
  • You can choose either your Survey Number, Aadhaar number or Kaatha number.
  • Fill in all the details with the right information in their particular columns.
  • Aadhaar number should be entered which was linked to your Land record profile.

Details to be filled like:

District Name
Mandal Name
Village Name

by selecting the relevant details from their corresponding drop-down lists. Enter the Captcha and click on the “Submit” button. The details are verified and the details of a land record of a particular owner are displayed.

The procedure of checking the details of VIllage ROR 1B is same as the procedure to check for ROR 1B except you have to check off the 1B on the homepage as said in the step-to-step guide.

Services offered by Bhunaksha

With the Bhunaksha Telangana website, people can be able to make use of the some of the benefits offered by the Bhunaksha scheme. Already the procedure of checking the details of the Bhunaksha Telangana Village ROR 1B is explained above.

  • Users can get the details of their Pahanis, Adangals, ROR etc from the website.
  • People can know the market value of a land through the website.
  • One can easily get the Patta for their lands.
  • People can register complaints.
  • The user can easily get the status of their lands and its details.

They can link the Aadhar card to the Land Records online and can check the status of their lands. The public can apply for any ROR court along with proofs from Bhunaksha Website itself.

The government had mandated Aadhar linking to Land records. People can apply for Adangal, Pahani, and other services by paying the required amount online. They can get login either with E-Seva or Mee Seva outlets. To get the loans from banks, online verification plays a crucial role.


What is Village ROR 1B & How to Apply?


ROR document contains ownership details of the property. It is one of the most important documents related to land. The Record of Rights (ROR) register is maintained in Tehsildar office for every village separately.

It contains 14 columns and includes the name of the khathadar /father name of the kaathadar, kaatha number, survey number, classification of land, extent held by khathadar Land Revenue.

Apply for Maa Bhoomi 1B

You can apply ROR 1B at the nearest Meeseva centre with an application RRO 1B and pay Rs.25 as service charge.

You can download the application form from the official website and apply for the Village ROR 1B online or offline.

  • Visit the official website with the above-mentioned link.
  • Download the Application form.
  • Visit the nearest Mee Seva centre for you.
  • Fill in the application form with all the personal and right details.
  • Submit it to the officials after filling the form.

Attach the required proof documents with the application form for verification procedures. Once your application form is verified and approved you can get ROR 1B within 15 minutes or 7 days.

For more information or if you have any queries related to bhunaksha telangana leave a comment here.

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