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Apply Duplicate Voter Id Card – Complete Information about how to apply for duplicate voter Id card in India online. In case if you have any doubts do leave a comment here.

A voter ID card is one of the most important Legal Proof documents which will be issued by the government to its citizens. This Voter ID card permits the citizens to vote during the Statewide and National Wide Elections. This Voter ID Card also helps the Government a lot to detect the Fake Voters and some people who perform malpractices.

Once you are provided with a Voter ID card it will have a lifetime validity which can be used for a lifetime by a citizen. You can also apply for a Duplicate Ration card if the Voter ID card theft or misplaces. The following are the reasons during which one can be able to apply for a Duplicate Voter ID card.

Applying for a duplicate voter ID card has been a quick process which can be done through the online or offline procedure. Applicants can apply for a duplicate voter’s ID card in the following situations:

  • Theft of card or Stolen
  • Card misplaced
  • If the card is unusable due to wear and tear

Apply for a Duplicate Voter ID Card – Online

The applicant will have to submit an application form along with supporting proof documents to the Electoral Officer in the election office, who will issue the card after verifying the information you submitted. Here is the application procedure for the Duplicate Voter ID Card. Follow the step-to-step guide below to apply for a Duplicate Ration card.

  • Visit the nearest Electoral Office in your town/city/village.
  • Collect a copy of Form EPIC-002 from the officials in the office.
  • Fill in the form with details of the specific applicant.
  • Attach the required supporting documents and submit the form at the electoral office.
  • You will be provided with a reference number on the successful submission of your application.

That reference number can be used to track the status of your application which u submitted in the electoral office. This tracking can be done online through the official website of the NSVP.

Your application will be verified by the Electoral Officer and on successful verification, you will be issued with a duplicate voter’s ID card. You will be notified regarding your application being processed and can collect your card in person from the electoral office.

Apply Online for Duplicate Voter ID Card

If you are unable to visit any Electoral office or you don’t have one near to your address you can always apply for the Duplicate Ration card online through the National Voter’s Service Portal (NSVP). You can just click the above-mentioned link to directly visit the page.

  • Visit the official online portal of the NSVP.
  • Download a copy of Duplicate Voter ID Card Application, i.e., Form EPIC-002.
  • Fill in the form with all the required details with correct information.
  • Attach all the required documents as mentioned in the form such as FIR copy, proof of address, and proof of identity.
  • Submit the form to your local electoral office nearest to you.

You will be given a reference number alike in the above procedure which can be also used to track the Application status using the same number on the website. Once you have submitted your form, it will be processed and verified by the electoral officer.

You will be notified through SMS or e-mail so that you can visit the Electoral office and collect you Duplicate Ration card which will be processed after the successful verification.

Updated: April 29, 2024 — 6:22 am
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