CCETS – Commissionerate of Collegiate Education, TS Details

CCETS or Commissionerate of Collegiate Education Telangana State is a department of the government that is basically a parent organisation for all the colleges in the state of Telangana

The Department is formed to improve Collegiate Education, providing specific recognition to the areas placed in Backward and Rural areas, to encourage Women education at undergraduate and post-graduate levels to organise educational possibilities for vulnerable sections of the society.

The Commisionerate of Collegiate Education is also in place to introduce need-based vocational courses superseding the traditional courses in a phased manner. In this article, we will learn more about the details of this department and what all services you can avail with the help of this department.


CCETS or Commissionerate of Collegiate Education Telangana State


CCETS or Commisionerate of Collegiate Education Telangana State, as mentioned before, takes care of every little thing to do with College education in the state. Starting from denoting the specific course list to the number of colleges that provide you with what type of courses, CCETS does a decent job in handling the job pretty well.

ccets homepage

The department focuses gravely on improving the situation of education, especially for the girl students who are not able to continue their education because of certain hindrances, be it social or financial.

Apart from that, ccets is also trying hard to ensure people from the economically insecure backward classes like ST, SC, OBC of the society get hold of the much-needed college education.

Objectives of CCETS:

The objectives of CCETS are pretty straightforward. Those are mentioned below in brief:

  • Advancement of Undergraduate and Post Graduate Education.
  • Widening the Path to Higher Education.
  • Computer Education
  • Improving Higher Education in the penurious sections of the society, particularly in rural and remote areas.
  • Invigorating private assistance in the augmentation of Collegiate Education

Apart from these main objectives, there are a few more ones which the department needs to take care of. Those are as follows:

Improvement of the base in Government Colleges.
Warranting sustenance of high standards of education in colleges.
Reconstructing Vocationalisation of courses in Collegiate Education for progressing employment potential.
Installing nexus with industries and market
Use of Information Technology and modern technology for the betterment of excellence in academics and administration.
Ascending Academic sovereignty, reform and transformation. 

CCETS Course And Category Wise Student Report


In this subheading, we will specifically learn how to check for the students report based on course and the category. It is a seemingly easy process. You just to follow a few steps in order to reach your destination. Follow these steps to get your report checking done successfully:

As mentioned above in the points, firstly, you need to visit the official website specifically dedicated for checking the Course and Category Wise Student Report. The website URL is given in the first point itself. The website would look like this:

ccets course and category wise student details

As you can see, you need to fill in the given two details. Those are as follows:

University Name
Academic Year

Once you select your desired University and the Academic year, you will be able to see the results pretty easily. As an example, a photo is shown right below:

ccets course wise report example

As you can see, we have chosen Osmania University as the University and 2016-17 as the Academic Year, the whole report is being displayed. It has these as the main details section:

  • Number of Colleges
  • Number of Students

The Number of Students section is further broken down into Gender, Caste and a mix of both in order to determine the whole chunk of the population under the said University at that point in time.


CCETS Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dost?

DOST is a friendly and effortless way to apply for your undergraduate courses. It helps you in choosing your favourite undergraduate course with all the information you wish to know.

It minimizes your efforts and maximizes your choices to opt for an undergraduate course.

For quite a students, the biometric AADHAAR attendance is not being submitted from 17/12/2015 up until now as the message “AADHAAR AUTHENTIFICATION IS FAILED” is being displayed. What are the necessary instructions for further advancement?

If the fingerprint or biometric authentication process is a constant failure even after using all 10 fingers (unless otherwise), firstly, the aspirants need to visit their nearest AADHAAR Enrolment Centre and get their fingerprints updated. In case if your aadhar card details are printed wrong on official aadhar card, you can make necessary correction changes on self service update portal.

Make sure to check the URN status once your aadhar card details are successfully updated.

That will most certainly finish the task and accompliesh your authentication measure with ease.

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